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Mar 09, 2020

Create A Great Employee Experience With Akeneo

At Akeneo, we like to say that there is no good customer experience without a great product experience. And creating that product experience tak...




At Akeneo, we like to say that there is no good customer experience without a great product experience. And creating that product experience takes a lot of work by your dedicated, talented product teams. But have you considered the employee experience in managing product information? 

Your “employee experience” encapsulates all of the ways your employees interact with their workload — including whether they have the right tools for the job.

Your team can’t provide a top-notch experience if they’re suffering from a sub-par experience themselves. You hired your team to create these compelling customer experiences to wow your customers and help boost conversion rates. But without the right tools, they’re going to be stuck dealing with product information silos, poor processes, and wasting time on manual, repetitive, low-value tasks.

That’s where Product Experience Management comes in. Not only does PXM enable you to better serve customers and see increased conversions and revenue for your business, but also arms your team with a solution designed to make it easier to manage product information, so you can give your employees a better experience, too.

How does Akeneo help create a better employee experience, you ask? It’s all about increased efficiency, greater productivity, and enhanced collaboration that enables your teams to get their product information management tasks done without the drama associated with manual, Excel-based methods.

Allow us to explain.

Make your employees more efficient

Asking your employees to manage product information and create compelling experiences without a purpose-built solution, and instead forcing them to rely on outdated or poorly suited solutions like spreadsheets or ERPs, is like asking a lumberjack to chop down a tree with a spoon. It’s just not going to work.

Instead, give your team of product experience practitioners a razor-sharp tool that can help them clear the forest of product enrichment in no time. Akeneo PIM is a purpose-built solution that can help your team manage even the largest and most complicated product catalogs easily and efficiently. It helps you optimize the process of collecting, enriching, and getting new products to market using one centralized, trusted source for product information. It does so by providing a system of record for product information and digital assets, improving the accessibility of product data and liberating it from disconnected silos.

Akeneo can also help your team eliminate the hours of time spent on repetitive, low-value tasks with intelligent automation. It takes these menial and tedious tasks off your team’s to-do list using a business rules engine, which automatically populates attribute values across a wide range of products and product models and helps you manage your product data in bulk. That way, you can speed up your enrichment process, slashing time-to-market along the way, while minimizing errors and inconsistencies in product information.

Help your employees collaborate

When it comes to creating compelling and enticing compelling experiences, teamwork makes the dream work. Your teams need to be able to work together seamlessly — but that’s often easier said than done when you’re dealing with internal teams, remote teams, field and regional teams, and even external teams like translators.

If you want to keep up with the increasingly fast pace of omnichannel commerce, every member of your team needs to know exactly what they’re responsible for — and what they shouldn’t touch. That’s why Akeneo PIM comes packed with features like Advanced Rights Management to help you govern product enrichment processes by ensuring contributors only access the products and field values they need. It also offers validation workflow controls designed to help your team ensure that only the highest-quality, validated, and approved information makes it to your touchpoints.

What’s more, with Akeneo’s Teamwork Assistant, Akeneo PIM help fosters collaboration across your teams by tracking product data completeness to ensure no incomplete products make it to your sales channel. It also helps you pick up the pace by helping you audit your enrichment processes and notifying your marketing team when a product is missing attributes, needs translation, and is ready to be exported to your sales channels.

Give your employees a 360° view

The last weapon your team needs to triumph in the battle over bad product information and product experiences is a complete view over every part of your omnichannel offering.

That means providing your employees with a 360° view of all of your products, product descriptions, digital assets, and any other elements that comprise your omnichannel experience. It also means helping them understand not only what products are available and what products need to be enriched, but also helping them understand how well products have been enriched, by assessing the quality and completeness of the product data and assets you’re presenting to your customers.

Akeneo PIM, fortunately, offers all of the tools your team needs to understand the quality of your product data. This includes tools like the catalog completeness feature, which tracks product data by sales channels and locales, ensuring no product data is published before it’s complete. Data Quality Insights helps your team quickly measure product data quality and consistency while making suggestions for how to improve data quality.

Give your employees a great experience

Give your employees the tools and resources they need to be happy and successful at managing product information. People are your most valuable resource, so it’s crucial to give them a high-quality employee experience, so they can create the compelling customer experiences your business thrives on. Give them the tools they need to get the job done right with Akeneo PIM!

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