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The Akeneo PXM Champion Awards

Some of the best global organizations headlined this year’s PXM Champions Awards. With their talent to think strategically, they proved that creating world class product experiences drives better business results. Check out the stories behind the award winners who just joined Akeneo’s PXM Pioneer Program.

Accelerator Award

Kolmi Hopen (EasyCom)

Challenge: Kolmi Hopen had enrichment processes that were too long and complicated.

Strategy: Implemented Akeneo Shared Catalogs so now sales teams can easily and quickly share product information with their customers. Kolmi Hopen’s distributor customers also have direct access to all the information they need via Shared Catalogs. 

Result: –  Distributors can easily access and be assured that all information is secure, reliable, and up-to-date since it has been validated by Kolmi Hopen’s teams.

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Expansion Award


Challenge:  Delfingen wanted to address the D2C market, something they’ve never done in the past

Strategy: By adopting a D2C approach, they have been able to address new customers and gather more information about our end-customers. This has led to an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

We now manage to publish and push product data 60% faster than our previous version. And, we are now managing orders, 90% faster. – Istvan Soos Project Manager, Delfingen

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Experience Award (Calago)

Challenge: Smartphonehoesjes.nel had a lot of manual work; international expansion to a new language was 3 Full Time months of work. 

Strategy: The efficiency of Akeneo’s asset management gave the team the ability to accelerate the customer experience by making product assets localizable. Images with texts in the image were uploaded in the same manner as before. Rules in Akeneo allow the team to add these images to the correct product and locale specific.

Result: +10.2% increase of product conversion on their own webshots and +5.7% increase of product conversion on the biggest marketplace in the Netherlands.

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Global Award

Fendi (Aplenite) 

Challenge: Fendi wanted to aim and rethink all the platform processes and procedures of the commerce and digital world, embarking on a digital innovation path.

Strategy: Brought on Akeneo to be able to modify the landscape of their eCommerce.  Implemented Akeneo as the master system for managing all the digital and retail assets. 

Result: The translation flow is now 2x faster than before (2 weeks vs 1 month) due to the integration and structure flow.

Leadership Award

Arkema (InBetween)

Challenge: Arkema needed a solution to create and generate data for new product lines and deliver targeted content on a sustainable approach.

Strategy: Implemented Akeneo and connected their internal ERP system data and CMS to build an online product comparator. Having around 3000 visits per month allows a great customer and product experience. 

Result: Arkema will be able to save approximately 2.5 million euros by freeing 8,000+ days of employee time. It is also 8,000+ days that will be dedicated to customers instead.

What are the Award Categories?

Accelerator Award

In recognition of its dynamic use of Akeneo PIM, Supplier Data Manager, and Shared Catalogs to reduce its time-to-market for new products.

Expansion Award

For its commitment to driving growth while creating better experiences across both new and existing channels. 

Global Award

After using Akeneo’s products to conquer new territories by empowering its local product teams.

Leadership Award

To mark its success using Akeneo to solve operational challenges and free up time for creativity and strategic planning. 

Experience Award

After using Akeneo to reflect its brand values across multiple geographies, resulting in higher conversions and lower returns.

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