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The Akeneo PXM Champions Awards

Some of the best global organizations headlined this year’s PXM Champions Awards. With their talent to think strategically, they proved that creating world class product experiences drives better business results. Check out the stories behind the award winners who just joined Akeneo’s PXM Pioneer Program.

Accelerator Award

DRAWER (Clever Age)

Challenge: DRAWER sources products from various providers and sell through their website and 10 marketplaces.

Strategy: The implementation of Akeneo PIM and Supplier Data Manager catalyzed their transition to an automated system, drastically cutting down product creation time and boosting efficiency.

Result: – They’ve surpassed their own records by creating 200 new references in just one month, demonstrating an unprecedented pace in product launches.

Expansion Award


Challenge:  Fossil relied on Excel spreadsheets to be the source system for our e-commerce product data.

Strategy: With Akeneo, we are able to provide product data to multiple channels globally, and have a system of record for this data. We also utilize Akeneo Shared Catalogs so it’s cost-effective and easy for users to retrieve data and there is one source of the truth.


Experience Award

Mobili Fiver

Challenge: Mobili Fiver’s previous product information platform lacked the flexibility required for a comprehensive presentation of furniture products, hindering their ability to communicate the richness of their offerings to customers.

Strategy: Deliver high-quality, self-manufactured furniture utilizing Akeneo PIM, becoming more agile, efficient, and scalable in order to meet the evolving demands of their customers and the market.

Result: The combination of accelerated product creation and an expanded catalog has had a positive ripple effect on their overall sales. By introducing new products faster, meeting customer demands more effectively, and offering a wider range of choices, they’ve created a more enticing shopping experience.

Global Award

Insight (Sitation) 

Challenge: Insight battled a lack of control over data/content and limited business ability for enhancements, and new functionality. IT needed to be involved in numerous additional processes for adjustments.

Strategy: With Akeneo’s user-friendly interface and robust features, Insight has autonomously maintained and expanded a vast catalog of 1.4 million products, significantly reducing reliance on IT resources.

Result: Prior to launching Akeneo, only 15% of the products were enhanced. However, with Akeneo, this figure has surged to 90% of the catalog.

Leadership Award

Peavey Industries (o2Commerce)

Challenge: Peavey was facing the complexities of a vast product catalog and the need for a sustainable technology infrastructure.

Strategy: To replicate it’s online experience to represent their stores and bring the same service level. That means being able to personalize their client’s experience, make it seamless to find the right product and purchase it at the right price.

Result: Previously, the team invested 15 minutes per product, and with Akeneo, this time has been slashed to just 4 minutes. This marks an outstanding 73% gain in efficiency, freeing up valuable time for strategic activities such as merchandising and product enrichment.

Ambassador Award

Matthew Caffery (Assa Abloy)

Challenge: Assa Abloy struggled with scattered product data and knowledge bases, leading to inconsistent data across sales channels.

Strategy: Create a single source of truth for all their products, enhance product manager resources, foster collaboration among brands, and streamline product distribution across channels

Result: Assa Abloy is able to create datasheets within minutes, push new products live within 24 hours, and amend SKU information online within hours, significantly reducing turnaround times and enhancing customer satisfaction

What are the Award Categories?

Accelerator Award

In recognition of its dynamic use of Akeneo PIM, Supplier Data Manager, and Shared Catalogs to reduce its time-to-market for new products.

Expansion Award

For its commitment to driving growth while creating better experiences across both new and existing channels. 

Global Award

After using Akeneo’s products to conquer new territories by empowering its local product teams.

Leadership Award

To mark its success using Akeneo to solve operational challenges and free up time for creativity and strategic planning. 

Experience Award

After using Akeneo to reflect its brand values across multiple geographies, resulting in higher conversions and lower returns.

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