Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder provides a template-driven environment to collect product information from your suppliers to feed into your Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition instance.

Designed for retailers and distributors, and using the same Akeneo PIM interface, the Onboarder acts as a “mini-PIM” and gives your suppliers a cloud-based environment to easily and rapidly provide their product information directly to you, without requiring access to your PIM instance. They can even propose new products for you to carry.

The result is faster time-to-market through sharing the product information collection effort with your valued suppliers.

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  • Productivity for all

    Productivity for all

    The Onboarder makes it easier and faster for retailers and distributors to collect enriched product information from suppliers without the back and forth that takes time and effort. With the Onboarder, retailers can easily define the information needed by sales channel. The Onboarder takes the product information and puts it into your PIM catalog structure. This saves your team from having to reformat or convert the incoming data, reducing your workload and accelerating the process of onboarding supplier product data.

  • Propose new products

    Propose new products

    Do your suppliers propose new products for you to carry? The Onboarder makes it easy for suppliers to do just that. As the retailer or distributor, you can easily distinguish between existing and newly proposed products and decide whether to accept or reject the new products for your channels. If you accept, the product information is already configured for your PIM catalog based on the data set and format you require!

  • Benefits


    • Increase speed to market
    • Increase supplier data quality
    • Increase ability to introduce new products
    • Reduce errors from rekeying spreadsheet data
    • Reduce time lag in the process of bringing on new suppliers
    • Reduce time spent reviewing product information from trusted suppliers