IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


We wanted total freedom to take creative license with our product presentation, and needed a simple, intuitive solution


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A speciality retailer of home decoration accessories and supplies, Zodio offers products that are fresh and on-trend. The company constantly renews product offerings to help people accent and style their home to suit their unique personality and lifestyle.

With 18 stores in France and in Italy, ZÔDIO offers in-store gourmet snack areas, creative cookery courses, and home decor classes where everyone – beginners, experts and dabblers – can turn their ideas into reality.

The Challenge

Opening its first store in 2008, Zodio cultivates a strong face-to-face customer relationship by engaging in-store vendors in high-touch experiences. Sales representatives provide in-depth product knowledge through in-store demos and consultations.
Customers value this unique retail experience and Zodio wanted to make that consultative approach part of their online store. Zodio needed to extend their “coaching culture” across their digital touchpoints through client feedback, tutorials, real-world product testing with visuals and step by step instructions, highlights of different decor styles, and a curated assortment of products.
Translating the in-store experience to digital platforms posed several challenges:

  • Preserving the spirit of the Zodio Community
  • Infusing the digital presence with the heritage and feel of the in-store experience
  • Engaging employees in creating an online environment that mirrored the in-store experience
  • Onboarding a large number of suppliers and their product data to guarantee a rich and personalized product presentation
  • Focusing several different and separate services of the company (central buying service, marketing, product managers, studio) to collaborate and exceed customer expectations
  • Managing and supporting a fast moving commercial strategy with flexible and reliable tools

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