IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


"No one can afford to lose customers because of a bad product experience. With Akeneo, we have created an environment where productivity and innovation thrive while driving business results."

PXM Champion: Peavey Industries

We at Akeneo are thrilled to congratulate Peavey Mart for being awarded the prestigious 2024 PXM Champion Award in the Leadership Category!



The Leadership Award recognizes those who improve the lives of their teams through more efficient workflows, creating operational and strategic opportunities and empowering their teams to grow.




Before implementing Akeneo, Peavey Mart grappled with the complexities of managing product information in a rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape. The lack of governance and fragmented product data led to customer confusion and diminished shopping experiences.

This led Peavey Industries to revolutionize their approach to product experiences by beginning their search for a comprehensive solution to streamline, enhance, and personalize product information.




Akeneo’s intuitive user interface and seamless integration capabilities aligned perfectly with Peavey Mart’s vision to build a solid, sustainable infrastructure for optimal Product Experience Management (PXM).

Implementing Akeneo PIM has created a 73% increase in productivity and a shift towards more strategic activities. Team members embrace the transition from outdated methods to a more efficient, collaborative approach, and new users are onboarded seamlessly which empowers them to contribute to the organization from day one.




Peavey Industries LP, the parent company of Peavey Mart and MainStreet Hardware, has been serving loyal customers across Canada since 1967. With a focus on essential products and services for the rural lifestyle, Peavey Mart has established itself as a trusted destination for quality goods and personalized customer service.

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