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Sep 09, 2019

Magento 2 Upgrade: Why PIM Matters

It’s nearly time to upgrade to Magento 2 — and your PIM solution will be an important part of this process.


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It’s nearly time to upgrade to Magento 2 — and your PIM solution will be an important part of this process. Need proof? Check out the newest white paper from our partner StrikeTru to discover more about the quickly-nearing transition, and explain why PIM will be so crucial to Magento 2. 

It’s almost time to update to Magento 2 — is your company ready to make the switch?

With the deadline fast approaching for Magento 1 customers to upgrade to Magento 2, it is becoming crucial to ensure that all aspects be evaluated to ensure a smooth transition. The Magento 2 upgrade project is really a re-implementation and needs to be approached as such. The complexity and size of that effort will be proportional to the complexity of current customizations to migrate, site improvements to make, and data cleansing and data migration involved.

Any internal user experience improvements will likely require a modern Product Information Management (PIM) platform. Any customer experience or sales growth enhancement objectives will likely need rich, granular, and high-quality product content that is best managed in a modern PIM.

In this new white paper, Vik Gundoju, a partner at StrikeTru and a thought leader in PIM and eCommerce solutions, discusses how to make the most out of your Magento 2 upgrade and understand:

  • Why PIM matters for Magento 2 upgrade
  • The top commerce and content challenges addressed by PIM
  • Recommended implementation roadmap for PIM, and
  • Features of PIMGento, the fastest Akeneo to Magento integration connector

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