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Jan 21, 2020

Ecosystem Spotlight: Trilix

Everyone can use some help from their friends, even us here at Akeneo. That’s why we’ve worked to build an outstanding community of partners — a...


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Let’s say you need help getting Akeneo PIM installed, implemented and up and running, or adding integrations and extensions to your Akeneo PIM instance — where do you turn?

Or perhaps you could use a little assistance from a crack team of Akeneo experts to, explain new features and functionalities like a pro, or develop your business — what’s the solution? For many Akeneo PIM users, the answers to these questions, and to many other Akeneo PIM installation and integration challenges is Trilix GmbH. The German software development company offers expert insights in a host of Akeneo PIM areas, including installation, implementation, and integrations, especially those between Akeneo PIM and Magento 2. Implementation experts Here at Akeneo, we know that implementing a PIM solution is an exciting time in a company — but it can also be a stressful and busy one. Software integrations of any kind bring along a host of challenges, from time management to employee training to technical issues, and everything in between. That’s why we’ve worked to build a community chock full of partners that are ready to help you get Akeneo PIM up-and-running at your organization with the snap of a finger, and that includes Trilix. The experts at Trilix are ready to help you with the full implementation process, including bundle development, solution architecture, back-end, and front-end development, code assurance, and more. Trillix offers complete integration support and is prepared to help you with every stage of your installation and implementation process, including preparation, discovery, planning, design, launch, and support. What’s more, the company’s strong history of market understanding, high-performance eCommerce stores, and experience with Akeneo mean you can rest assured that your implementation process will go off without a hitch. Magento marvels While Trilix can easily and efficiently get your PIM system up and running, it also believes that sometimes, simply installing and implementing a PIM solution alone isn’t enough. To truly experience the full potential of Akeneo, you’ll likely need to extend your PIM’s capabilities by connecting with your eCommerce platform — and Trilix can help with that too. The company has built itself on a foundation of integrating solutions, with a specific focus on innovation and quality that has helped them develop impactful and inspired integrations for a range of solutions — including Akeneo PIM and eCommerce platform giant Magento. With Trilix’s PIM2Magento REST API Integration, your team can make sharing information a cinch. The extension works to push data from Akeneo PIM to Magento, minimizing dependencies between the two applications, offers a simplified workflow for importing product information into Magento 2, provides synchronization between product data in Akeneo and Magento, and helps improve the accuracy and consistency of product information. That way, you can easily import high-quality, accurate, consistent, and compelling product information to your Magento website and other channels, ensuring your customers are presented with an exciting and captivating experience across every touchpoint. Inspired integrations Trilix’s integration intelligence doesn’t stop with PIM2Magento, however. The company also provides the popular Events API Bundle, designed to offer a smooth and simple way to create integrations that respond to activities in Akeneo PIM. With the Events API, creating, deleting, or updating a category, attribute, family, product, or product model triggers a mechanism that automatically sends those events to various Request URLs as HTTP posts, making it easier to build and develop integrations that respond to specific activities. What’s more, by pairing the Events API Bundle with the web-based service IFTTT (If This Then That), your team can receive email notifications for all Akeneo events or integrate Akeneo event notifications into other applications such as Trello, helping your team work more quickly and efficiently. Trilix also has more integrations on the way. Coming soon to the Akeneo Marketplace is an extension designed to help companies better import product information that’s trapped in a spreadsheet — the Google Sheets Integration. By helping your team automatically pull data from Akeneo in real-time via the REST API, eliminating the need to export data from Akeneo manually, and ease reporting, monitoring and analysis processes in Google sheets, this extension offers powerful real-time collaboration tools that help your team more easily and efficiently visualize, process, and communicate data. With Trilix, your team can be sure that all parts of your PIM journey, from implementation to integration and everything in between, can be done easily and efficiently. Want to discover the potential and capabilities of Akeneo’s open source PIM community? Check out the Akeneo Marketplace for more information on these and other extensions! Have questions about implementations, integrations, or anything else? Check out Trilix’s website for more information on their offerings, or contact Akeneo. 

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