New eBook — Global Multilingual Commerce: Components of a Winning Cross-Border Strategy

The world is shrinking, and cross-border commerce is growing.

Increasingly, shoppers are turning to merchants outside their own borders when making purchases. More than 715 million consumers around the globe made a cross-border purchase in 2018, spending $676 billion dollars. These figures are slated to rise to 943 million cross-border consumers spending $994 billion — or nearly $1 trillion — by 2020.

But securing your slice of this quickly growing pie isn’t as simple as dropping off your products at the post office and paying for international shipping. It requires accurate, consistent, and emotionally compelling product information that speaks your new customers’ language and resonates with their experiences. 

Ready to master cross-border commerce?

To help you handle these challenges, we’ve partnered with to bring you a guide to how PIM and PXM can help you create successful cross-border practices. It’s designed to help you discover and master all aspects of your cross-border business to boost conversions, reduce product returns, increase revenue, and make your team happier and more efficient in the process.

This valuable eBook will teach you how to:

  • Easily expand to new geographic markets 
  • Quickly tackle cross-border translation
  • Efficiently handle localization

Make sure your company is ready to master the cross-border market and capitalize on changing buyer behaviors and profiles by optimizing your product experience with PXM!


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