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Oct 20, 2020

Top 3 Takeaways From Akeneo and Vaimo’s Product Data Crash Course







Managing product data and using it to build compelling product experiences is a must-have skill if you want to succeed in the modern era. But managing product information and creating these top-notch experiences is often easier said than done.

That’s why Akeneo came together with our partner Vaimo to create a Product Data Crash Course designed to help your team to overcome product data challenges and unlock growth. The course is based on a survey of 100 companies conducted by Vaimo, which identified three main obstacles that inhibit growth, which can be addressed with Akeneo PIM.

The secrets of this Product Data Crash Course were revealed in a three-part webinar series conducted by Akeneo and Vaimo. Miss the live webinars? No problem! We’ve compiled a few of the best tips and tricks in this blog, so read on to learn how to make your PIM project a success, and get the rest of our insights by watching the replays for yourself!

Boosting sales with perfect product data

The first in our three-part series focused on a goal that most merchants likely have on their own to-do list — boosting omnichannel conversion rates and sales revenue.

So how can you use product data to help send your conversion rates sky-high? Simple, it’s all about the 4 C’s of product data and sales conversions:

  • Consolidation: Back to basics on how consolidated data can increase sales when using several vendors
  • Communication: Teaching your teams to focus on building a better product experience for the purpose of increasing sales
  • Comparison: The good, the bad, and the ugly sites
  • Competition: Can you compete with the products on your site?

Want more information on the 4C’s? No problem. Just watch Episode 1 on the Product Data Crash Course webinar series!

Solving supplier struggles

In the last year, enterprises have seen first-hand just how important supplier relations can be to their business. Despite its importance, however, Akeneo research reveals that many merchants struggle to collect and manage product data from their suppliers.

Gathering supplier data and onboarding new suppliers can be a long and complicated process filled with risks of human error which in turn will lower your conversion rate. But with a little help from your friends Akeneo and Vaimo, you can easily navigate around any obstacle you face. All you need to do is use your PIM instance to efficiently onboard new suppliers or data, ensure quality control, and eliminate human error, allowing you to become more agile in response to recent trends or current events.

If you need more help solving your supplier struggles, we have just the thing — check out Episode 2 on the Product Data Crash Course to spruce up your supplier smarts!

Inspiring customers with an enhanced product experience

Customers can be a tough nut to crack — mostly because their expectations are constantly increasing. Whether it’s a demand for personalisation, customised product recommendations or content in their native language, it is key to get the product experience just right.

It’s no longer enough to deliver what’s expected but instead, you have to inspire and impress your consumers with features they didn’t even know they wanted. That’s where Akeneo PIM comes in — it’s designed to help you improve product data quality and give your customers an experience they can get excited about.

Need an additional boost to help create an emotional connection with your customers? We’ve got you covered. Watch Episode 3 on the Product Data Crash Course webinar series on-demand, anytime, anywhere to discover the secret formula for calculating catalog volume!

Learn from Akeneo success stories by checking out some customer stories, or learn more about the sweet science of Product Experience with our eBook, PXM for Dummies!

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