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Oct 01, 2020

Webinar Series: Product Data Crash Course - Episode 3

Inspire Customers with an Enriched Product Experience is the topic of the final episode of the Product Data Crash Course!





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Inspire Customers with an Enriched Product Experience!

Consumer expectations are constantly increasing. Whether it’s a demand for personalisation, customised product recommendations or content in their native language, it is key to get the product experience just right. It’s no longer enough to deliver what’s expected but instead you have to inspire and impress your consumers with features they didn’t even know they wanted. By enriching your product information in creative ways, you will boost both sales and customer loyalty.

Based on a survey of 100 companies conducted by Vaimo, we identified three main pain points that can be addressed with Akeneo PIM. Each episode in this webinar trilogy will cover one of the three subjects. You can access the survey here.

Watch the recording on-demand to learn…

  • What’s meant by enriched data
  • What you can do to excel your product experience today
  • The secret formula for calculating catalogue volume
  • How to finally combat all those recurring pesky challenges
  • Spring clean management and organisation processes

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