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IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce

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Sep 15, 2022

PXM Is The Key To Delivering Best-In-Class CX

Product experience (PX) encompasses a customer’s entire journey with a product and is fundamental to delivering quality customer experience (CX).




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Product Experience Management

Product experience (PX) encompasses a customer’s entire journey with a product and is fundamental to delivering quality customer experience (CX). Product experience management (PXM) applies best-in-class product information management (PIM) tools and practices to an elevated organizational focus on PX. Prioritizing quality product data and effective PXM drives better CX and allows organizations to deepen their customer relationships, make decisions based on quality data, take better advantage of growth opportunities, and increase their market speed.

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In April 2022, Akeneo commissioned Forrester Consulting to understand how product data and product content tools and processes impact engaging and contextualized customer experiences. The study highlights PX, a subset of customer experience focused on the experiences related to discovering, purchasing, and using products. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey with 452 global product strategy decision-makers. We found that organizations are struggling to create and harness quality product data that they can use to inform customer experience development and achieve business goals. Though appropriate tools, people, and strategies may be in place, organizations have yet to tap into the right functionality and combination of resources to make their PXM most effective. Mature leaders demonstrate that developing a robust PXM strategy leads to achieving overarching strategic goals that stimulate both product and customer experience goals.

Want to hear more? Check out the on-demand webinar, PXM Maturity for World Class Customer Experiences, with a guest speaker from industry analyst Forrester, to hear the results of the research study.

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