Webinar: Perfecting Product Data To Boost Conversions

Webinar: Perfecting Product Data To Boost Conversions

Conversion rates make or break your business — and the quality of your product data makes a huge impact on that number. Nearly one-third of customers say they have abandoned a purchase due to poor product descriptions, while 40% say they have returned a product due to a problem with product data.

But while product data problems often plague the customer experiences offered by corporations large and small, and drag down conversion rates, there is a solution: Product Information Management (PIM). 

To help solve these issues, Akeneo and Tinuiti came together for a webinar designed to help you improve your product data quality and boost conversion rates.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Offer a clear value proposition
  • Create compelling product descriptions
  • Optimize product images and other multimedia assets

Watch the webinar