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Jun 20, 2024

The Power of Digital Product Passports

Stay ahead of the curve and take the first step towards a more transparent, sustainable, and compliant future.



Register today to join us for an insightful discussion featuring Akeneo’s Digital Product Passport & PXM Evangelist, Virginie Blot, DDC’s Consulting Principal, Saikat Ghosh, and Ocode’s Head of Sales, Tiphanie du Tertre to discover the profound impact Digital Product Passports will have on your organisation and learn how to transform this regulatory requirement into a golden opportunity to boost sales, ensure compliance, and drive sustainability!


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What are DPPs? 

  • Digital Product Passports are digital documents that collect and share vital product data, including material content, environmental impact, and repair information; essential for ensuring transparency and sustainability across the product lifecycle.

Regulatory Framework

  • Gain insight into the regulatory timeline for DPP implementation, emphasising the 2026 compliance deadline across various industries.
  • Understand the key milestones and what to expect as we approach this critical date.

Industry Impact

  • Explore the initial sectors impacted by DPPs, including batteries, textiles, construction, electronics, plastics, chemicals, and automotive.
  • Understand how global supply chains will need to adapt to these new regulations, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance.

Preparation Strategies

  • Learn practical strategies for businesses to prepare their product information to meet DPP requirements.
  • Discover how Akeneo’s powerful tools and methodologies for organising, standardising, and exporting product data (including Industry Templates and Ocode App) can offer a DPP that goes beyond compliance.

Consumer Trends and Real-World Examples

  • Discover the growing percentage of consumers who consciously choose retailers focused on environmental and sustainability impacts.
  • Learn from real-world examples like Asket’s sustainability efforts and Boohoo’s innovative approach to returns with Pretty Little Things.

Sustainability and Circular Economy

  • The role of DPPs in promoting sustainable production practices, enhancing material and energy efficiency, and supporting the circular economy.

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