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Use PIM to make omnichannel ecommerce a reality

An omnichannel commerce strategy means providing consistent and contextual brand experiences across all channels. It goes beyond simply enabling customers to communicate with your company via multiple touchpoints. It’s about unifying data so that customers find correct, consistent, and high-quality information about the same product, tailored for the way customers interact with each channel.
Using Akeneo PIM for omnichannel selling helps you organize your product information and develop the right catalogs specific to each channel. The result is compelling product experiences that drive great customer experiences.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for Omnichannel Commerce

Centralize your product information

You have product data coming from dozens of heterogeneous sources. You need a single system of record for all your products, for all your teams, and for all your channels. With Akeneo PIM as a central hub of product information, you can control and manage the data and the process, making your teams more productive and efficient.

Distribute product data to all channels

Easily spread your enriched and complete product information to all your channels — in-store, eCommerce, mobile, marketplace, print, and more. Our connectors, syndication add-on, and marketplace extensions can hook into virtually every platform so you can efficiently keep your product information consistent across channels.

Manage different assortments

Not all products are always sold in every channel. Use Akeneo PIM to manage assortments as well as the product data specific for each channel. Enrich long descriptions suitable for your eCommerce site while creating shorter ones for the mobile app and social selling. Ensure images fit for each channel.

Conform to each channel’s rules

You can control your owned channels, but what about listings on marketplaces and social sites? Your product information needs to conform to their listing requirements. Akeneo PIM makes it easy to specify which information is required, and complete, for every sales channel.

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

Grow digital sales

Create product catalogs with tailored product listings relevant for digital channels such as web, marketplaces, mobile, and more. Connectors, a syndication add-on, and pre-built API-based connectors rapidly feed complete product data to leading eCommerce platforms, print solutions, marketplaces, and more.

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Build customer trust

Use Akeneo PIM’s Data Quality Insights to ensure customers only see high-quality, accurate data in your catalogs. Spot errors, improve consistency, and track product data quality over time to make sure you’re delivering the best possible product experiences that customers demand.

Unclog the product data pipeline

Akeneo PIM is an easy-to-use solution designed for marketers to onboard, enrich, and distribute technical, usage, and emotional product information. Its Validation Workflow and collaborative Teamwork Assistant help get data flowing smoothly to all your sales channels.

Unlock retail and distribution growth

Improve data quality

Speed time to market

Increase conversions

Increase productivity

Reduce returns

What omnichannel marketers are saying

Akeneo first helped us to unify our print catalog preparation worldwide and then became the cornerstone of our digital transformation.

Akeneo PIM enabled us to realize a huge success in getting our entire product catalog online.

Our data is all over the place and it is taking too long to launch new products. We need Akeneo to help speed up the process whilst ensuring our data is accurate across eCommerce, Print and POS.

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