IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


Due to its intuitive user interface, the PIM was well-accepted and made our transformation process easier.


Number of Users

85 users & 60 on a daily basis

Number of Products

Approx 150 000

Data Sources

8 distinct Sage ERP system instances

Distribution Channels

9 e-commerce channels with Shopware & ERP

System Integrator

12 months

Axonlab is an innovative, customer-focused company providing healthcare services in the medical diagnostics areas, life sciences and software solutions for hospitals, doctors, medical laboratories, research and industry, and private individuals. Operating in 9 countries (CH, DE, AT, NL, BE, CZ, HR, SI, LU), AxonLab provides content in 8 languages.

The Challenge

Axonlab had no way of viewing product data across their system. Data accuracy and quality was an issue; data inconsistencies across countries were hard to identify, cumbersome and costly to correct.

AxonLab tried different options such as extending the ERP functionality by introducing new data fields, or modifying certain ERP processes and functions in order to merge data from the various systems, but these options proved inefficient.

To realize significant growth, Axonlab needed to centralize their product data, improve data quality and consistency, reduce acquisition costs, and improve performance. The need for a PIM was obvious.

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