Akeneo PIM makes us much more responsive, allowing us to provide the most up-to- date product information, regardless of the channel.
Pauline Laurent

E-commerce Manager

A global reference representing French luxury, Lancaster celebrates its 70th anniversary. With a strong expertise combining tradition and innovation, Lancaster has established its brand over the years on the luxury and leather goods market. Lancaster is supported by a network of 800 distributors, has its own shops, and an e-commerce website.

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Lancaster has always focused on innovation, both for its products and its digital strategy. Naturally, when optimizing its online catalog became a challenge, implementing a PIM solution emerged as an obvious choice, more so as it became part of redesigning the website under Magento.
Lancaster has multiple e-shops – one in Europe and one in the USA – each with different product catalogs and objectives. With this comes a multi-source challenge. Product information emanate from various sources such as ERP, photo services, or CSV files. In addition to its own online shops, Lancaster also relies on other platforms such as Google Shopping and Criteo. Each channel requires specific information to be exported each time.

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