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Akeneo PIM makes it possible for Fraport Retailers to smoothly integrate their product information into the e-commerce suite and to enrich the data once it’s there.

Fraport – Frankfurt Airport Shopping

Number of Users


Number of Products

100K products and growing

Data Sources

Direct interfaces and Excel spreadsheets

Distribution Channels

E-commerce & Apps

System Integrator

12 months

With around 61 million passengers each year, Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s third largest airport, as well as being one of the world’s most significant air transportation hubs. And business keeps taking off … with the West Runway, the total number of take-offs and landings will climb to 700,000 by 2020, with over 70 million passengers annually. As passenger numbers continue to soar, new, digital services have been created that will completely redefine the airport experience.

The Challenge

Frankfurt Airport was facing a significant challenge in transforming the offline airport business into the online commerce that the digital age demands.

Up until now, all its retail offerings have operated as standalone solutions. All providers were solely responsible for the marketing of their own products, and all handled their own approaches to customers and visitors at Frankfurt Airport. The airport, on the other hand, defines its passenger volumes and visitor frequency. All customers can be identified via their flight details at any time once the flight has been booked.

Besides, the airport has control of the airport’s entire operating infrastructure. Now it “only” had to succeed in combining the interests of the retail side with those of the airport business, and to do so while creating clear and tangible customer value. The project goal was to use business intelligence and personalisation to provide passengers with relevant information and services during their journey, at the right time and at the right place. This was a mammoth undertaking for a brand new shopping and service experience – but the project was successfully delivered!

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