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Before, we only updated our products on the website 4 times a year, now we can do it on a daily basis, so the website is really up-to-date!


Number of Users


Number of Products

20,000 products organized within 1,000 variant groups

Data Sources



Distribution Channels

14 different E-commerce websites

Print channel with PIM2Catalog

System Integrator

4 months

DEVENTRADE BV is a Dutch family-owned manufacturing business that was founded back in 1985. Over the last three decades, DEVENTRADE has grown to become one of the leading sports companies in the Benelux. Their growth has lead to a large presence in sports specialty stores throughout Holland, with numerous brands in over 700 locations worldwide.

The Challenge

DEVENTRADE is a sporting equipment manufacturer that sells its five brands directly on its own websites and through a network of retailers in several different regions. Currently, their products are available in over 700 different stores.

Before PIM, DEVENTRADE was working with an ERP system that was directly connected to their website. There was no database of products or product information. Every new product had to be manually created, managed, and uploaded to the correct website.

In the beginning, the team would enrich product data directly in the ERP. Unfortunately, this enriched data was mostly technical information that couldn’t be automatically exported to the website. Instead, everything on the website had to be manually created and maintained. Even though this system wasn’t efficient, they were able to manage their products this way because they didn’t have to do it on a large scale.
Of course, DEVENTRADE grew and expanded into new product line, brands, and regions. Suddenly, the old method of product enrichment became a gating factor for further growth. DEVENTRADE realized that they needed a PIM system to centralize product data and automate website maintenance if they were to continue growing.

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