The Unlock 2021 Hackathon: We Have A Winner

During our annual PXM event, Unlock 2021, we called upon our vast community to participate in a hackathon. The objective was to challenge developers, partners, and even customers to see what kind of innovative ideas they could come up with using the Akeneo API to make Akeneo PIM be even more useful in pursuit of great product experiences. As with all hackathons, it was conducted in the spirit of not only innovation, but also a bit of competition. Who had a great idea? Who could really “think outside the box” and deliver something exciting?

We’re forever grateful to all who participated. And as with any competition, we had the difficult job of naming a winner, and in 2021, that winner is our US-based implementation partner Sitation.

Sitation chose to create a real-time integration from Akeneo to ElasticSearch, a powerful hosted search index, by using the new Akeneo Events API for subscriptions to real-time product create, update, and delete events.

You can see Sitation’s video demo submission on their blog.

Why is this cool? Sitation used the power of the Akeneo API to deliver product information in near real-time. Their solution avoids scheduled publishing via heavyweight integrations. It further supports customers who are implementing microservices architectures and headless solutions, providing scalability and flexibility in search.

We think you’ll agree that it’s really cool – and useful!

So, congratulations to Sitation, winner of the Unlock 2021 Hackathon.

We look forward to having hackathons in the future. What cool new idea will you come up with? We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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