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Mar 24, 2023

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Unlocking Growth With Shared Catalogs and Onboarder

Take control of your product experience strategy with Akeneo Shared Catalogs and Onboarder, solutions that enable easier communication with key stakeholders and improve enrichment efficiency. Reduce returns, increase conversions, and boost revenue with these Akeneo tools.


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Creating dynamic product experiences and building a top-notch PX strategy isn’t a one-man or one-woman job. In fact, it’s not even a one company job.

Whether you’re a retailer with a host of suppliers helping to fill your product catalog, a manufacturer with a throng of retailers ready to sell your products to the masses, or the distribution company in the middle, you likely have a long list of business partners. These partners need the same thing you do to succeed in this omnichannel age — great product experiences built on a foundation of accurate, consistent, and compelling product information and assets.

But without a dedicated space for you to collaborate with external partners like suppliers, retailers, or distributors, and internal teams like sales reps and customer care workers, it’s easy for inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated product data to reach your customers. Those mistakes can add up quickly, leaving you or your partners with low-quality product data filled with errors and inconsistencies and slow enrichment processes, which lead to bad product experiences, increased costs, and decreased revenue.

What’s needed is a dedicated space for sharing and exchanging product information and assets easily, efficiently, and securely. That’s where two of Akeneo’s products, Shared Catalogs and Onboarder, come in. They’re designed to make it easier than ever to work together with your internal teams and partners and collaborate to create compelling product experiences, slash enrichment costs, and boost revenue.

Let’s take a closer look at how these two new innovations can help your team unlock growth.

Shared catalogs

Share Data Seamlessly

Managing product data is often a challenge for brands and manufacturers, particularly when it comes to sharing data with retail and distribution partners. Akeneo Shared Catalogs is designed to help your organization conquer those challenges with relative ease.

Shared Catalogs enables your teams to share specific product data and assets with selected partners via a dedicated, secure portal. This offers your retail and distribution partners a quick and easy way to access your product information, including digital assets, directly from you via an easy-to-use, flexible, and browser-based interface.

It even comes complete with search capabilities to help them find what they need and export it on demand. Plus, Shared Catalogs gives your team increased control over who can access your product catalog, meaning that your retail and distribution partners can access the information they need — and only the information they need.

The results? Higher productivity and increased collaboration with external partners, on-demand access to your product information to pressure and workload from your teams, and improved product data quality and accuracy on partners’ sales channels. What does that mean? Better product experiences, higher conversion rates, and increased customer loyalty for your organization.

Shared catalogs

Provide Accurate, Consistent Data to Internal Teams

Shared Catalogs can also help organizations by providing them with a dedicated space to share accurate and up-to-date product catalog information.

With Shared Catalogs, your internal teams such as sales, marketing, and customer service departments can use a flexible and easy-to-use interface complete with search capabilities to ensure they have access to the latest product information. This gives your team a window into your Akeneo PIM instance, allowing employees to access information without forcing them to learn and use a new system on top of the many they already utilize. If they want, your internal teams can even consume it directly in the PIM user interface or share it with prospective customers, making collaboration even easier to manage and offering product managers increased control over access to a shared product catalog.

With Akeneo Shared Catalogs, organizations are able to collaborate with team members more easily and effectively, resulting in accelerated time-to-market, sinking enrichment costs, and improved product data accuracy. That translates to more selling days for your teams, better product experiences for your customers, and increasing revenue for your organization.

Shared catalogs


Onboard Suppliers with Ease 

Brands and retailers, of course, don’t just need to share product data among internal teams. They too need to communicate with external partners, namely the suppliers that help provide the products they sell. Enter Akeneo Onboarder.

Akeneo Onboarder is for anyone — retailers, distributors, multichannel brands, discrete manufacturers, and anyone else who is looking to improve workflows with suppliers. It provides a dedicated browser-based interface to help suppliers quickly and easily understand what information their team needs to provide for their sales partner. Sellers can then review and approve this new data. The data is then automatically fed directly into the seller’s Akeneo PIM instance, without forcing them to manually re-import or map attributes for each supplier.

Onboarder also offers simplified supplier information acquisition processes by offering a familiar interface to manage suppliers, review, and accept the new products and information that they have provided.

Akeneo clients using Onboarder have reported several business benefits, including better relationships with suppliers and accelerated time-to-market, improved product data accuracy, and consistency, and increased revenue.


Unlock Growth with Shared Catalogs and Onboarder

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer, you need to be able to send and receive information with your business partners easily and efficiently. That’s why Akeneo created Shared Catalogs and Onboarder.

With Akeneo Shared Catalogs and Akeneo Onboarder, you can easily communicate and share information with your business partners, leading to more efficient enrichment, increased product data accuracy, and better product experiences for your customers. And, by pairing Shared Catalogs and Onboarder with the Akeneo PIM, you can take control of your entire product experience strategy, leading to decreased enrichment costs, falling return rates, increased conversions, and most importantly, higher revenue.

Akeneo Product Cloud

Shared Catalogs and Onboarder are just the start of what Akeneo has to offer. Start your journey towards better product experiences today.

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