Ziggy’s Customer Campfire Series: SLV Shines a Light on Product Data To Meet Changing Customer Needs

Welcome back to Ziggy’s Customer Campfire Series! In last week’s edition, we heard the story of the SBS Mobile and learned how the company used Akeneo PIM to help grow its business.

Welcome to the final edition of the summer Ziggy Customer Campfire Series! We’re headed to Germany to visit SLV, a company with a strong reputation for developing, producing, and marketing high-quality and future-proof lighting solutions.

As SLV went through a digital transformation, the company realized it needed to modernize and centralize its time-consuming and resource-intensive data sharing process, which relied heavily on Excel sheets. They switched on Akeneo PIM, went live in only 3 months and quickly saw results: team members trained in a few hours, and enrichment and translation effort dropped by 80%

Watch the video below to hear Oliver Kleinjans, Team Leader, Sales Master Data Center for SLV, explain how SLV uses Akeneo PIM to make their products shine!

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