Ziggy’s Customer Campfire Series: SBS Mobile looks for a smart PIM to grow smartphone accessory sales

Welcome back to Ziggy’s Customer Campfire Series! In last week’s edition, we heard the story of the JD Group and learned how the company used Akeneo PIM to manage a massive product catalog. 

In this week’s edition of the Ziggy Customer Campfire Series, we’re calling up our friends in Italy to relay the story of smartphone accessories seller SBS Mobile. Smartphone and tablet technology is constantly being updated and improved upon, forcing accessories providers to move quickly and offer an extensive range of products to remain competitive. 

So, in search of a solution to their increasingly complex product catalog, SBS Mobile decided to implement Akeneo PIM — and was quickly glad they did! SBS Mobile was able to take control of product information by instituting a single source of truth for product data management and enrichment, accelerating time-to-market while increasing product data quality and easing expansion to new territories. 

Watch the video below and discover how SBS Mobile used Akeneo PIM to conquer product data complexity, unite their IT and Marketing teams, and grow their business.

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