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Create product experiences that turn browsers into buyers

Activate, orchestrate, and optimize product experiences across every channel and moment where your customers are, with a Product Cloud.

Welcome to the Future of Omnichannel Product Experiences

Great customer experiences begin with great product experiences.

  • That means a seamless, consistent product experience across every owned and unowned channel that shows your customers the information they need in the place they want it.
  • Built with composable technologies that not only co-exist but communicate effectively with each other, creating a harmonious flow of product information between teams, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Doing so translates to higher conversions, reduced returns, and increased customer loyalty.


Organizations struggle with providing truly omnichannel product experiences


  • The customer journey is ever-evolving and growing. From social media to eCommerce platforms to brick-and-mortar stores to voice search, there are new places for customers to discover your brand emerging nearly every day and each one requires personalized product information that is optimized for that specific channel. 
  • Customer expectations are higher than ever. With all of these new channels, customers can find information anywhere and make decisions based on what they find…or don’t find about your products.
  • The product record is built on siloes of systems and technologies. Managing and activating your product story across every channel becomes nearly impossible when your product record is precariously balanced over unorganized spreadsheets, communication breakdowns, and outdated eCommerce sites.

Which leads to:

  • High return rates, unhappy customers, missed sales opportunities, and a negative impact on brand reputation, due to poor product experiences on one or more channels.
  • Lost sales opportunities, due to inability to quickly activate product information on new channels or markets. 
  • Inconsistencies in customer experiences across each channel, due to siloed people and processes for each channel with no consistent omnichannel strategy.
  • Complex and expensive custom integrations and manual workarounds, due to too many siloed and redundant technologies to manage and activate the entire product record.

The Solution Comes in the Shape of a Cloud. A Product Cloud.

What is a Product Cloud?

A Product Cloud is a complete and composable SaaS-based solution for orchestrating, activating, and optimizing the entire product story in order to drive exceptional omnichannel product experiences across all owned and unowned channels.

What Must a Product Cloud Have?

1 – PRODUCT EXPERIENCE-FIRST. A Product Cloud should fuel Product Experiences in a headless manner, not own them.

2 – PRODUCT RECORD-CENTRIC. A Product Cloud should be an ideal complement to the Customer and Record Records, not overlap with them.

3 – COMPLETE PRODUCT RECORD. Support the entire cold (static) and hot (dynamic) elements of the Product Record, today and however they are defined in the future.

4 – ACTIONABLE. Unify the Product Record elements into a single Product Data Platform for orchestration, activation, performance, and quality analytics, and actionable insights in order for those working on the Product Record to optimize business impact.

5 – ACTIVATION. Enable activating the Product Record across any owned or unowned sales and marketing channel, locale, and geography, and be ready for the channels and touchpoints of tomorrow.

6 – USABILITY. Be recognized by the community as being fast to adopt, friendly to use, and supporting the needs of users, managers, administrators, developers, and integrators worldwide.

7 – CONNECTIVITY. Out-of-the-box connectivity to the entire Customer Experience technology stack through a modern SaaS-based App Store model.

8 – MODERN PIM. As the keystone of any Product Cloud, a modern PIM solution should come with industry-recognized best-of-breed capabilities for data onboarding, product modeling, asset management, automation, data quality, workflow management, and connectivity.

9 – COMPOSABLE. Whether a component of the Product Cloud is provided by the vendor or serviced by a 3rd-party offering, the functionality of the entire Product Cloud should never be compromised.

10 – SCALABLE. A Product Cloud should be able to handle as many SKUs and volume of product data and assets as necessary, without limitation or disruption.

Building a Future for Omnichannel Product Experiences

A Product Cloud is the only solution that allows commerce businesses to manage, orchestrate, activate and optimize the entire product story across channel. Delivering world-class product experiences with a Product Cloud drives revenue growth, reduces return rates, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing time-to-market, increasing agility to be on new channels, and improving employee productivity and impact.

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