Webinar: Streamline your Marketplace Strategy

Webinar: Streamline your Marketplace Strategy

Whatever your business, online Marketplaces are the place to be. Why? Because today, more than 90% of consumers start their purchase journey directly from online stores like Amazon, Google and eBay.

That said, while the potential perks are great, there are many challenges that come with seeking success on these platforms. Foremost among these is the fragmentation of information, as merchants spread themselves thin across multiple marketplaces and channels. Too often multichannel sellers are let down because they can’t keep all the plates spinning at once.

For this seminar, we teamed up with our beloved partners Linnworks and Best Response Media. Together we discussed the power of marketplaces and how you can effectively manage your multi-channel listings.

Watch the recording to understand:

  • The current consumer expectations surrounding marketplaces
  • The importance of a seamless CX between channels, ensuring frictionless customer journeys
  • The key systems that can enable you to manage multiple channels and ensure consistency
  • How to refine your product listing to drive engagement.
  • How to avoid overselling across your multichannel listings.

…and plenty more. If you’re keen to tap into the power of marketplaces, have a look!

Watch the recording