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Sep 28, 2020

Webinar Series: Product Data Crash Course - Episode 2

Onboard and manage your supplier data with easy by watching our second episode of the Product Data Crash Course on-demand!







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Product Experience Management

Supplier Data Onboarding

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Streamlining Supplier Data Made Easy!

Gathering supplier data and onboarding new suppliers can be a long and complicated process filled with risks of human error which in turn will lower your conversion rate. Especially in today’s changing landscape, it’s crucial for businesses’ survival to be able to quickly set up new suppliers in order to both respond to the latest market trends but also because of shipment delays or suppliers going out of business.

Based on a survey of 100 companies conducted by Vaimo, we identified three main obstacles that inhibit growth which can be addressed with Akeneo PIM. Each episode in this webinar trilogy will cover one of the three pain points. You can access the survey here.

Watch the recording on-demand to learn…

  • How to set up new suppliers in the most efficient way
  • How PIM will ensure quality control and eliminate human error
  • How your digital transformation will enable agile decision-making in response to recent trends or current events

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