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Oct 26, 2020

Webinar: A New Beginning - What are the new retail trends and what can we expect from consumers?

Find out what retail trends you need to follow to stay relevant for consumers in our on-demand webinar with Salesforce and Clever Age!

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In this webinar with Salesforce and Clever Age, we discussed the key trends in the retail industry, and how retailers can accelerate their digitalisation with short time to market solutions to better adapt to new consumer behaviours.

More than ever in this particular global crisis, retailers must be flexible in adapting their organisation’s business models, processes and technologies to avoid negative effects. A lockdown and stay-at-home period have definitely changed consumer behaviour in the retail sector and consumers are now more driven by personal circumstances, such as weighing up their business values and priorities.

In order to address these new trends and adapt to new consumer behaviour, retailers need to embrace digital commerce and adapt their product offering, delivery options and stand out amongst competitors when promoting and targeting consumers.

Watch our webinar on-demand to learn all the latest retail trends – what can you actually expect from your customers and consumers in general? And what do they expect from you? We covered:

  • Short time to market solutions – the new norm of sales conversions
  • Product enrichment through all the new sales channels: social commerce
  • New table stakes – parameters consumers no longer compromise on

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