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Mar 03, 2021

Webinar: A 3-step guide to attracting, converting and retaining customers

Simple tactics to increase numbers for the customer journey from acquisition to conversion and retention.





Omnichannel Commerce

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Simple tactics to increase numbers for the customer journey

Companies are well-rehearsed in the steps of the buyer journey from acquisition to conversion and ultimately retention. But are they being smart in serving customer’s actual wants and needs? Add the last year’s rapid digitization to the equation and the answer is most likely that there are crucial aspects of the customer experience lacking.

Watch our on-demand 30-minute virtual fireside chat with partner dotdigital and special guest Nichola Lund-Yates, Marketing Manager at SkateHut, to learn from industry experts how to quickly increase the numbers for the three steps of the buyer’s journey with simple tactics.

The conversation centres around actionable insights on…

  • What companies can do to grab attention and drive traffic
  • What consumers look for when shopping that will make or break a conversion
  • How to foster a loyal customer base

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