Without PIM, our e-shop project would not have been feasible.
Caroline Van den Borre

Marketing and eCommerce Manager

Rob is a true paradise for foodies. Rob the Gourmets’ Market is a well-known food shop in Brussels offering a wide range of delicacies, carrying more than 15,000 products from small and local producers, including meat, fish, cheese, bread, pastries, wine, and groceries.

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Before Akeneo, each department would work independently on their products: enriching marketing content and completing product information in Excel files imported into the ERP. The Rob marketing and eCommerce teams struggled with this approach in part because their ERP system was not built to handle and store this kind of data. In addition, they soon discovered that images could not be optimally stored and managed in this system.

Rob was seeking to add an e-shop to its website. To accomplish this in an effective and timely manner, Rob wanted a stable and intuitive product information solution where different departments could work together on product enrichment, with everything stored in a central product information repository, to ease setting up the e-shop.

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