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Akeneo has become the source of truth for customer-facing product data in our company which provides consistency for our employees as well as for our customers.

PXM Champion: Fossil

Join us in celebrating the winners of the Unlock 2024 PXM Champions Awards! The Unlock 2024 PXM Champions Awards is our way of recognizing the trailblazers who have harnessed the power of product experience strategies with Akeneo to thrive in the dynamic omnichannel environment.



The Expansion Award recognizes those who are creating better experiences in their current channels, introducing impactful new channels, and connecting with new audiences, all to drive meaningful business results.




Fossil’s reliance on Excel spreadsheets for eCommerce product data presented significant challenges, including limited sharing capabilities and lack of automation. Prior to partnering with Akeneo, Fossil explored various PIM solutions but found them to be too intensive and IT-centric.




With 13 locales and an integrated translation solution, Fossil leverages Akeneo to streamline data management across multiple channels and automate content creation. Shared Catalogs facilitate cost-effective data retrieval, while integrations with PLM, SAP, DAM solutions, and downstream systems ensure data accuracy and consistency.



Fossil’s partnership with Akeneo has yielded tangible results, including the ability to scale operations globally without adding headcount. Custom views in Akeneo have shortened seasonal processes, providing internal teams with a more streamlined and error-free review process. These efficiencies have accelerated Fossil’s growth trajectory and enhanced its competitive edge in the market.




A powerhouse in the lifestyle accessories industry, Fossil is known for its diverse portfolio of fashion watches, jewelry, handbags, and small leather goods. With a presence in 140 countries and 30,000 points of distribution, including 400 company-owned retail locations, Fossil brings each brand’s story to life on a global scale.

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