IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


"After implementing Akeneo PIM, our online customer return rate dropped from 10% to about 1.6%."


Kitwave, a prominent food and beverage wholesaler with an annual turnover of £600-700 million, was growing and acquiring companies that operated semi-autonomously, meaning that many teams were working in silos across different brands using multiple ERP systems and websites with no single source of truth or comprehensive digital strategy.


The implementation of Akeneo PIM across Kitwave’s trading entities has yielded tangible, impressive results, significantly enhancing the percentage of web orders and illustrating the power of a robust digital strategy.


They’ve also seen a notable uptick in web order percentages across its trading entities, with figures such as Eden Farm’s rising from 16% to 35%, and Miller Foodservice’s nearly quintupling from 10% to 49%, illustrating the platform’s impact on user experience and digital sales efficiency.


Moreover, return rates across the group have significantly decreased, reflecting the benefits of accurate product representation. Additionally, the average cart value has increased by 7%, underscoring the enhanced customer purchasing behavior facilitated by the PIM system.


Download the full case study today to discover the full story of how Kitwave utilized Akeneo technology to drive digital transformation and operational excellence.

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