What’s Next in Akeneo PIM?

They say that all feedback is a gift. And one piece of feedback we’ve received from our customers and partners is that they would like to see more communication from us on what’s next in our product roadmap.

Each year at our annual user conference, we include a session that goes through the major development themes for the coming year, and we often discuss specific features we intend to deliver or even pre-announce products — sometimes it is hard to contain our excitement! But an annual overview isn’t enough. And new customers who join the Akeneo family right after the conference may have needed to wait nearly a year to get their update. It has even been noted by industry analysts that most vendors need to be more open with product roadmaps.

A new roadmap resource

In the spirit of openness and innovation — two of our core company values — we’re very pleased to announce the availability of our brand-new “What’s Next with Akeneo PIM” page that highlights some of the features our SaaS customers will see in the next few months, and a taste of what’s being researched and in early development for the longer term. 

Resources you have today

The Akeneo Help Center is a publicly accessible site where you can learn about Akeneo PIM features and capabilities in one handy place. In addition to help topics, we document all of the new features released on a monthly basis on our What’s New page which is updated on the 5th of every month. You can easily see what new features were added when, and what major area of functionality each features corresponds to.

By clicking on the “rocket” sidebar icon, you can easily filter and get a more complete view of features by release number, date, and functional area.

To recap: the What’s New page explains what has already happened, and the What’s Next page tells you what’s planned for future releases. 

We intend to update these pages regularly as features are released and as new capabilities are placed on the roadmap. So check both pages often! 

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