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Sep 29, 2020

New eBook: Meet Akeneo’s Product Experience Superheroes

Creating superior product experiences is no easy task.  ...


Customer Experience



Creating superior product experiences is no easy task. 

From slow time-to-market to rising costs, from inefficient processes to collaborating with suppliers, you’ll need to battle a long list of foes if you want to see good product experience triumph in this age-old struggle. These obstacles can dramatically decelerate your operations, drive your time-to-market down to a crawl, or cause your product data enrichment expenses to skyrocket as you watch your cost-control structure crumble, threatening your growth.

But never fear! Akeneo’s very own team of product experience superheroes are here to help you in your battle to create compelling product experiences for customers. The Akeneo PIM Fantastic Four includes:

The Extraordinary Efficiency: Our first hero is here to eliminate expenses and help companies of every kind safeguard valuable resources. He offers colossal cost-cutting strength and blazing time-to-market speed to ensure your product data management processes run smoothly.

The Awesome Adapter: Need to update or change your product catalog to keep up with seasonal changes or shifting consumer tastes? No problem. This hero has you covered, with rapid product repositioning features, perfect pivoting tools, and crystal clear communication capabilities.

The Outstanding Onboarder: The team’s supplier relations expert helps you overcome even the most daunting onboarding obstacles. He’ll help you accelerate time-to-market, get better quality information from your partners, handle the long tail of suppliers with ease.

The Marvelous Minimum Viable PIM: The fourth and final team member helps you fight against rising costs and slow timelines by providing flexibility and getting your PIM project off the ground with ease!

Want to learn more about our team of heroes, and see how they’ve already helped businesses of every shape and size take on their product experience challenges and come out on top? Download our new eBook, The PIM Fantastic Four: Keys to Unlocking Growth today!

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