Akeneo PIM Summit 2021 cancelled!

Dear Customers and Partners,

It’s with deep regret that I inform you of our decision to cancel the 2021 edition of our Akeneo PIM Summit (APS) in Paris, France. APS is a much-anticipated and highly energizing event for Akeneo, our customers, and our partner ecosystem, and we will greatly miss our annual gathering.

However, in these uncertain times, we must put the safety of our employees, customers, and partners first. Given the unpredictable evolution of the COVID-19 situation, we do not want to take any unnecessary risks.

We are looking at ways to keep our APS spirit alive throughout 2021 without our in-person reunion and welcome your input. Feel free to email us your ideas and suggestions at aps@akeneo.com

In the meantime, make sure you ask your Akeneo Customer Success Manager or Partner Manager about the recently launched PXM Pioneers Program! We are more eager than ever to build up a dynamic community, continue our conversations, encourage peer networking, and share best practices.

Our community is strong, and don’t forget we’re here to support each other! I wish all the best to you, your teams, and your families. Keep well and stay the course!

Best Regards,

Fred de Gombert, CEO

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