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Oct 20, 2016

An LDAP Authentication extension is now available on our Marketplace!

A new additional extension has landed into the Akeneo marketplace to allow PIM authentication against a LDAP server. For several companies, it is comm...


Product Announcement

A new additional extension has landed into the Akeneo marketplace to allow PIM authentication against a LDAP server.

For several companies, it is common to have centralized user credentials in a unique directory to simplify this credentials management.

The LDAP protocol is a widespread solution, especially with its Active Directory implementation for Windows.

This new extension will allow Akeneo users of the Enterprise Edition to authenticate against this LDAP directory instead of the internal PIM system. It is designed to work with both Windows Active Directory or Open LDAP.

User management modifications

The use of this module will imply some modifications in the users workflow. Here are the new conditions:

  • The user must exists in Akeneo PIM. It can be a user created before the installation of this extension, or users can be created with this extension already installed.
  • The username must exist in the LDAP directory, because the authentication is made with this username.
  • After this extension is installed, the “forgot your password” feature will not be available anymore because the password management is out of the PIM scope and will now be the responsibility of the LDAP system.
  • When an admin creates a new user with this extension enabled, he will not have to provide a password for the user, because this password is not in the PIM scope anymore.

This extension activation is totally transparent for the users and the login screen is the same than a plain vanilla Akeneo. The only difference is the disappearance of the “forgot your password” link.

Rescue user

A special rescue user can be used, usually the “admin” user of Akeneo. This user will not be authenticated against the LDAP but just with its PIM credentials. This way, you can always log in Akeneo even if the LDAP is down or not functional.


Users created prior to this module installation will get their original passwords back if this module is uninstalled.
But all users created while it was active will need a password reset (the “forgot your password” link will re-appear), they will still be useable once they’ll have correct credentials.

If you are using an LDAP in your company, and you have Akeneo Enterprise Edition, don’t wait and have a look at this new extension now to ease your life. Our marketplace team is here to help you and answer your questions!

You can contact us at: [email protected]


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