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Nov 18, 2019

WEBINAR: Product Content And Intelligence Powers Modern B2B Commerce

Take control of product information and master omnichannel selling for B2B! Discover how to build a successful modern omnichannel business in this new webinar!





The Experience Economy is here. Product experience is increasingly important in B2B purchasing decisions while eCommerce and other emerging channels are surpassing print and traditional B2B sales channels.

As more millennials and digital natives grow into positions of  B2B buying responsibility, the procurement process has taken on more and more attributes of B2C selling, including an emphasis on eCommerce and other emerging channels. Researchers expect B2B eCommerce to reach nearly $2 trillion in revenue in the U.S. alone and account for nearly 20 percent of all B2B sales by 2023.

Now, this digital transformation is forcing teams to embrace new digitally-enhanced selling motions for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers – and a new view of product content. Smart sellers are increasingly investing time and money in improving their user experience, and with good reason — Forrester has found that 79% of B2B buyers say they value information that’s tailored to fit their industry, role, or department.

The way to meet this high bar for product content to your potential buyers is with high-quality, accurate, and consistent product information. Without this, your efforts to tackle these new buying realities will almost certainly fall short, as customers abandon purchases from your site and move on to other manufacturers or distributors.

Make sure your team is ready to succeed in this brave new B2B world with this new webinar from Akeneo and featured guest Allen Bonde, Vice President & Research Director at Forrester, taking place on December 11, 2019. We’ll examine the state of omnichannel commerce in the B2B space, review Forrester’s new B2B marketplace research, and see how consumer-style experiences are shaping the future of B2B relationships. We’ll also explore the ways we see PIM breaking out of its operational roots to play a broader role in experience delivery.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why digital channels like marketplaces are gaining traction with buyers and sellers
  • How B2C sets the standard for B2B when it comes to choice, convenience, and overall customer experience
  • How sellers need to rethink their marketing approaches for omnichannel commerce
  • What it means to embrace an “adaptive PIM” mindset


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