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Feb 01, 2021

Give Your Product Information Teams And Employee Experience Worth Falling In Love With

These days, there’s no shortage of importance heaped onto the role of customer experience, and for good reason. Experience is increasingly a dri...




These days, there’s no shortage of importance heaped onto the role of customer experience, and for good reason. Experience is increasingly a driving factor in B2B and B2C purchasing decisions. But what about your employee experience?

While employee experience may not get the same hype or receive the same attention that customer experience attracts these days, it’s crucial to provide your employees with an experience they don’t just like, but love. Because giving your employees an experience worth falling in love with, you can help them work more efficiently and be more productive than ever before, giving them an increased sense of satisfaction, morale, and fulfillment at work.

That’s especially true when it comes to product enrichment. Giving your product enrichment team a better way to create and manage high-quality product information increases efficiency, accelerates time-to-market, and improves your product data quality. Most importantly, it helps your team deliver a product experience that can unlock growth for your business.

So, how do you give your product enrichment team a great employee experience?

Make working together better than ever

Part of giving your product team a great employee experience should include making it easier — and more fun — for them to create a great product experience for your customers.

So, give your team the tools that help them work together more efficiently. This includes tools that help them understand precisely what information they are or are not responsible for, so they don’t waste time and aren’t burdened by seeing irrelevant information. It also includes tools to help accelerate and ease your workflow and help managers review and approve changes to product information to ensure a high-quality experience for your customers.

Be sure to also give them the tools they need to collaborate more easily with other workers both inside and outside your organization. This can include various departments of your company or even external teams such as suppliers or translations teams.

Help your team work faster and smarter

Teammates always prefer better collaboration with co-workers, but collaboration alone won’t do away with boring and repetitive tasks.

Help your team decrease their manual workload by finding a solution that can automate tedious and low-value tasks so they can focus on the most essential part of their jobs — creating a great experience for your customers. To do this, give them capabilities like automation and bulk actions, which can help your team work faster and smarter going forward. Look for solutions that can even auto-populate fields using a business rules engine so manual effort is further reduced.

You should also give them a tool that can help them continue to improve over time. A strong solution will score product data, highlight errors in product information and suggest improvements, so your employees know exactly where they can improve the product information. This sure beats manually checking thousands or millions of SKUs!

And if you do have millions of SKUs, it’s probable that your teammates each have their own area of responsibility and need for access to the data. Pick a solution that allows you to manage access rights, privileges, and offers a way to only expose them to the product and information for which they are responsible. Being able to control which information is presented, grouping relevant data together, and being able to create sets of relevant products to work will make it a lot easier for employees to navigate the data, which will make them be able to work faster and with greater efficiency.

Get your data where it needs to go

Well-enriched and managed product information is a critical part of your omnichannel experience, but it’s crucial to remember to provide a unified, but not uniform product experience.

That means tailoring your information to the many channels and locales you may sell in. This is especially important with both cross-border and omnichannel sales on the rise. But between the large and ever-growing collection of channels used by consumers, the various rules and requirements of each channel, and other concerns, distributing your product data can often be a challenge. Help your team conquer that challenge by giving them tools to help ensure your information is ready for a wide range of channels and locales with tools designed to help them more easily translate, localize, and contextualize product information.

This means arming them with capabilities that can help with versioning, export, and publication processes. It also includes connectors to various marketplaces and other websites, integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, print publication platforms, and more.

Give your team increased flexibility

Finally, it’s important to remember that your team is comprised of a wide range of personalities and people. Each of these employees will likely think and work in their own unique way.

So, be sure that you’re giving them the flexibility to support the way they work — whatever way they work! This means giving them the ability to manage everything needed to build a great product experience in one place, rather than forcing them to go to a wide range of solutions and tools to get the information they need.

This includes capabilities like simplified product forms, a way to manage digital assets like photos and videos together with text-based product information, the ability to organize and group various products together, and more.

Give your team the right tool for the job 

So what’s the secret to offering your employees an awesome experience worthy of their love and devotion? A strong PIM solution like Akeneo PIM!

Akeneo PIM has all of the tools you need to not only help your employees feel more efficient and be more productive than ever before, but also provide them with increased satisfaction, morale, and fulfillment. So, if you want to help your team collaborate more effectively, help them decrease their manual workload to work faster and smarter than ever before, get your product data where it needs to go, and give them the flexibility to work the way they want, give them Akeneo PIM!

Ready to learn more about what PIM can do for your team? Check out our Customer Stories to see how Akeneo PIM has helped businesses around the globe unlock growth!

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