NEW VIDEO: Shopapotheke sees healthy growth with PIM

Managing product information for hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical products can be a complicated endeavor in its own right. But add the challenge of managing product data across seven different global markets and product information problems can threaten growth.

That’s the situation that European omnichannel pharmacy Shopapotheke faced not long ago. The company’s outdated and self-built systems for managing product information systems weren’t able to support the company’s continued growth or expansion plans and threatened to undermine the progress already made. That is, until they adopted Akeneo PIM!

Check out the video below as Pamela Kohl, Product Data Management Senior Manager at Shop Apotheke, explains how the company used Akeneo PIM to replace its self-built systems. The result? Healthy growth, better management of a diverse group of more than 500,000 products, improved translation and locale management, accelerated time-to-market, increased efficiency and team collaboration, and more.

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