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Jul 15, 2022

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Announcing The Vaimo PIM Connector for Akeneo and commercetools

Akeneo is excited to announce the launch of the Vaimo Product Information Management (PIM) Connector for Akeneo and commercetools.



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With the push of a button, the Vaimo PIM Connector converts your Akeneo PIM data model into a commercetools project where product data will be available within minutes. The Vaimo PIM Connector is ready-to-use for your storefront, social media, dashboards, and any applications in your existing and future composable landscape.

Akeneo is excited to announce the launch of the Vaimo Product Information Management (PIM) Connector for Akeneo and commercetools. The first in a series of MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud-Native, and Headless) services currently being developed by Vaimo, the Vaimo PIM Connector aims to grant product migration at the push of a button. As opposed to spending valuable time updating product information, Akeneo and commercetools users can now integrate with little manual effort. Watch our recent webinar with Vaimo and commercetools for a first-hand experience of the Vaimo PIM Connector. 

“With more than 40 enterprise PIM projects in our portfolio, we saw a need to streamline the product data migration process. We wanted to help companies with a PIM solution save time and energy when migrating their products to their commerce engine. This will set a new benchmark in terms of de-risking platform integrations."

“PIM tools are a foundation for Product Experience Management (PXM). They unlock the opportunity to offer the ultimate Customer Experience to consumers, regardless of whatever sales channel they use. It is a delight for us at Akeneo to see Vaimo working hard to release their Vaimo PIM Connector for brands and retailers to unlock their growth through product experiences with an integrated solution between Akeneo and commercetools. Vaimo is known and recognized as a leader in helping companies implement their omnichannel strategies and was promoted in September 2021 as an Akeneo Gold Partner. Their new Vaimo PIM Connector is the next “big thing” in our partnership, and we look forward to a successful release.”

“The combination of Akeneo's enterprise-grade PIM with the leading headless commerce technology from commercetools will simplify re-platforming projects for prospects and greatly reduce the time spent updating their product information. The Vaimo PIM Connector will be a game-changer for B2B and B2C retailers and commerce companies.” 

Features and Benefits

  • Leverage the easy-to-use UI and automation in Akeneo to populate large and complex product catalogs quickly and easily. Directly sync these to commercetools as product types, products, categories, and attributes.
  • Use localization features in Akeneo for conversion of measurements or translation of content to be passed to each store front in the commercetools environment. This allows you to easily expand where you can sell your products around the world.
  • Save time and effort by bulk updating or using multi-select features in Akeneo and then populating those changes in commercetools.
  • Tailor the way product data is passed to sales channels to suit their specific requirements using Akeneo’s channels feature. 
  • Set up specific user roles down to a category level, and set approval flows and processes in order to protect the integrity of ecommerce environments and prevent costly errors.
  • Gain actionable insights into the quality of product data and where it needs to be improved to boost conversions on commercetools sites and any other sales channels.
  • Take data from any source, including other ecommerce platforms, enrich it in Akeneo, and publish directly to commercetools to make replatforming simple and to get the site to market faster.

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