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Apr 07, 2022

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And the Experience Award goes to…

Learn how our two winners for the Experience Award 2022 - Revalize and JPW Industries - are at the cutting edge in representing their brand and products through exceptional product experiences while unlocking their business growth.

Akeneo Unlock PXM Champion Experience Award 2022


Customer Experience




Since last year, the Akeneo team has wanted to reward the organizations among its Community that have been able to move forward on their path toward being PXM Champions. But no two companies have the same exact needs and business growth goals. This is why we have our annual Akeneo Unlock PXM Champions Awards, recognizing true PXM Champions across 5 categories, each of them covering the main ways to Unlock growth thanks to well-managed Product Experiences (Expansion, Accelerator, Global, Leadership, Experience Awards).

For the Experience Award, we invite our customers and partners to submit their entries who believe that their product experience is exceptional, delivering product content that is appropriate for the right context in the right channel and in the right geography. The winners in this category are on the cutting edge in how they represent their brand and products to their customers while driving business results and lowering internal costs and inefficiencies.

This year the Akeneo Unlock judges had a very tough time trying to select a winner from all the great finalists: Jaguar Land Rover,Revalize, State of Art, JPW Industries, AllforGolf. And so they decided to pick TWO winners for the Experience Award this year. Let’s see who they are…

Our first PXM Champions Awards Winner for this category is Florida-based Revalize in conjunction with our Solution Partner Sitation. Revalize is something of a unique customer amongst Akeneo’s portfolio: part of their offering in the manufacturing CPQ space is that they sell data – rather than physical products – to their customers in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry. That data covers millions of products across many vendors. So they needed a product information management solution that was scalable and flexible enough for their needs, without them having to leverage their in-house engineering team to develop and maintain it. Revalize customers expect a fast turnaround without errors for large-scale updates. So they also needed a solution for product information management that eliminated slow manual processes. Enter Akeneo PIM.

Revalize Website

Revalize has been leveraging a number of capabilities within Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition to help them meet their goals:

  • Rules are leveraged to reduce the time spent manually updating descriptions across an entire set of products, along with Bulk Edits to make changes to products across vendors.
  • Reference Entities help them quickly create, update and leverage common data elements such as vendors and certifications across multiple products.
  • Import and Export capabilities are some of the most used and at a massive scale, as one might expect for having to manage and update such a large number of products

Revalize started to see positive results as soon as they implemented Akeneo PIM: the cost to enrich an individual SKU has seen a steady and continuous decline, and the number of product updates their team can complete in a given time period (or what Revalize call their Productivity Efficiency Quality) has been consistently higher than their previous data management implementation. All this while the number of products they have to manage has increased.

This dedication to consistently delivering value to their customers with up-to-date and accurate product data and assets that prevent errors with foodservice equipment is why we are proud to recognize Revalize as a PXM Champion with the Experience Award for 2022. Congratulations to the Revalize and Sitation teams!

Working with the premier out-of-the-box functionality of Akeneo PIM allows us to reduce the human process in massive updates, and decrease the manual product creation lift by 50%. Not only is that a resource saver, but it also improves our ability to deliver accurate product data. And that is our ultimate value to our customers.

The second recipient of this year’s Experience Award is JPW Industries based in Tennessee, USA. If you haven’t heard of JPW before, you may well have come across one of their brands of market-leading of machinery and specialty shop tools such as JET, Baileigh, Wilton, Powermatic, Promac, and Edwards. JPW Industries not only designs and manufactures these superior products but is also a value-added distributor in addition to selling across multiple channels including e-commerce, distributors, field sales, and paid media marketing channels.

JPW Industries Brand Product on Amazon

Like many of you who are reading this, product information at JPW Industries before Akeneo was plagued by incompleteness and inaccuracies. Their old legacy PIM software made it nearly impossible to track where data issues were, and modeling was woefully inefficient. Getting data in and out of the legacy PIM required archaic shell scripts just to run. And on top of all that, the software was prone to crashes on a nearly daily basis. This was certainly not a solution for a company that was embarking on an aggressive buy and build strategy to grow its business. Digital transformation was a requirement to support that growth and enable seamless integration of all these new brands. Their solution? Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition, with thanks to our Solution Partner Bounteous, who also integrated Akeneo PIM with their SAP ERP for core products SKUs, Bynder DAM for their assets, and Productsup for unowned channel syndication.

JPW Industries selected Akeneo PIM for its best-in-class usability, powerful data governance, and product modeling capabilities. They appreciated how Akeneo PIM stood out for its intuitive user interface that was geared towards non-technical business users and product information practitioners alike. That short learning curve allowed their product management teams to get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

JPW Industries have been able to leverage many of the features of Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition. One capability the team has really appreciated is Data Quality Insights. It has given them greater visibility and accountability into product information that they never had before, making inaccurate and incomplete product information a thing of the past.

So what has this meant for JPW Industries?

  • They have seen data quality scores go up from a very low rating to A/B across most product categories. This is reflected in excellent product experiences for their customers and partners across their sales and marketing channels.
  • As a result, JPW is seeing record sales growth and capturing greater market share, despite a challenging supply chain environment.
  • Enrichment is happening more efficiently, including bringing on a new brand into Akeneo PIM in just a matter of weeks – on time and under budget! This has removed a significant obstacle to bringing on new brands in the future.

This commitment to excellence in product experiences across multiple channels for all their brands while transforming to exceed their business growth goals is the primary reason we are thrilled to also present JPW Industries and Bounteous an Akeneo Unlock PXM Champion Experience Award for 2022.

Congratulations to all these great companies – both winners and finalists!

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