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Aug 06, 2018

Akeneo PIM Enables Omnichannel with New Shopify Plus Connector

Akeneo and Shopify have recently partnered to enable integration between Akeneo PIM and Shopify Plus! Shopify Plus customers and partners can now seam...



Akeneo and Shopify have recently partnered to enable integration between Akeneo PIM and Shopify Plus! Shopify Plus customers and partners can now seamlessly use Akeneo’s PIM solution to manage and enrich their product information and deliver it more easily and quickly to multiple sites, locales, and sales channels.

Shopify Plus, the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform, was built for high-growth, high-volume businesses. Akeneo PIM complements Shopify Plus and enables merchants to efficiently manage and scale their product catalogs, centralize product information from multiple internal and external sources, and deliver product information reliably and consistently wherever it is needed.

The integration between Akeneo and Shopify Plus is possible thanks to a new connector that is available on Akeneo Marketplace. The plugin connects both platforms and makes it possible to seamlessly spread product information to multiple Shopify Plus stores as well as to other sales channels including marketplaces, print catalogs, and POS, among others.

Akeneo Solution Partners

To implement this integrated solution, Akeneo works with multiple partners that offer skills and competency in both Shopify Plus and Akeneo. Here are some Akeneo solution partners who can help merchants build and run their digital solutions successfully:


Guidance is a digital commerce agency based in Los Angeles that serves growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise branded manufacturers and merchants in both B2C and B2B. The agency offers industry-leading practices in multichannel retail strategies, mobile, customer experience, innovative visual design, UI/UX and complex system integration. Since 1993, national flagship retailers and consumer brand manufacturers have relied on Guidance’s expertise to facilitate more than $5 billion in web, mobile and social commerce. Brands including Foot Locker, Munchkin, Sole Society, Burlington, Johnny Was, K-Swiss, Robert Graham, Yamaha, Burlington, and others have engaged Guidance to build more than 300 world-class, omnichannel websites and apps that captivate and engage users and accelerate growth.

“Our partnership with Akeneo and Shopify Plus is a great example of an ecosystem coming together to bring brands, merchants, manufacturers, and distributors the most advanced technical commerce solutions available in today’s market with one goal in mind, accelerate growth for our mutual clients,”  says Jeff Herrera, VP, Marketing and Channel Development at Guidance.


Redstage specializes in design, development, growth, and strategy for digital commerce globally. The company provides support for a multitude of diverse market demands, with scalable services for enterprises of any scale. Redstage’s capabilities enable the agency to build profound eCommerce experiences and conquer even the most unique B2B & B2C challenges for clients.

“Empowering online stores with the latest technology is at the heart of our brand philosophy,” says Hasan Elkomey, SVP of strategic partnerships at Redstage. “Akeneo PIM, combined with the Shopify Plus platform, is a powerful blend of such technologies, enabling businesses to streamline and simplify back-end processes so they can focus on bigger initiatives and scale faster. I’m excited for what’s to come as we continue developing the future of eCommerce together.”

Blue Badger

Blue Badger is a boutique eCommerce agency that has been making an impact in the eCommerce world since 2015. Founded on our passion for being excellent at the technical aspects of building, updating and maintaining an eCommerce website, today we proudly work in collaboration with some of North America’s finest retailers. We believe we have the experience and skills to take your eCommerce business to the next level of success.

“As an official partner of both platforms, Blue Badger is extremely happy to see how Akeneo and Shopify complete each other in a meaningful way,” explained David Benchetrit, Blue Badget co-founder and head of client services. “Shopify’s streamlined approach to eCommerce makes it possible to go from zero to live in a matter of weeks, but the tradeoff is that in exchange they drastically limit the ways in which merchants can define and enrich their products. Enter Akeneo – whose easy-to-use PIM empowers merchants efficiently to manage product knowledge and expose it to their sales channels through a set of robust and powerful APIs. When these two best-in-class systems are used in tandem, incredible synergies can be found, because each system is both focused on the one thing they are amazing at while compensating for a weakness in its counterpart.”

Akeneo and Shopify Plus

As an open-source solution, Akeneo provides the flexibility to add new functionality to address specific and unique business processes. This capability also allows for easy integration with other systems that are either sources or destinations for product information.

If you’re a Shopify Plus customer and are looking to deliver compelling product experiences, check out Akeneo PIM and the Shopify Akeneo Connector and see how you can enable a better omnichannel experience with high quality, comprehensive product information.

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