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Sep 23, 2021

Akeneo is now Headless Commerce Certified with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Did you tune in a take a front-row seat at Dreamforce on Salesforce+ this week? There were a lot of great sessions and exciting announcements. S...


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Did you tune in a take a front-row seat at Dreamforce on Salesforce+ this week? There were a lot of great sessions and exciting announcements. Speaking of exciting… have you heard the news? In addition to the Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Akeneo is pleased to announce that we have achieved Headless Commerce certification with Salesforce. This is a new certification and we are honored to be a “trailblazer” and among the very first Salesforce Partners to achieve this milestone.

Headless commerce is a booming segment of the eCommerce market. In a headless commerce architecture, the backend and the frontend of the eCommerce application are separate. This allows sellers to create the front end they want without having to re-engineer the backend, and without the constraints of pre-defined customer interfaces. As a result, sellers can create and better control the customer experience they want to deliver. In order to allow this to happen, headless commerce solutions make heavy use of APIs and other tools, and require developers and IT teams to build the frontend.

Akeneo has partnered with Salesforce to enable Commerce Cloud merchants to streamline their catalog management processes and deliver a compelling product experience to their customers.

Merchants can use Akeneo’s open-source PIM solution to easily consolidate, enrich, manage, and export product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Akeneo’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud is delivered in the form of a connector that leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Commerce Cloud. The integration enables the merchant to set up predefined jobs in Salesforce Commerce Business Manager to retrieve product data, products with variants, categories, attributes, media, assets, associations, and price books from Akeneo PIM.

The benefit of this solution is that Akeneo PIM interfaces with the backend of Commerce Cloud only, which provides merchants with the freedom to build the eCommerce frontend interface, with the security of knowing that high-quality, accurate product information will reliably be delivered from Akeneo PIM.

As part of Akeneo’s certification, we’re listed on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace under both the Product Information Management capability section and now in the Headless Commerce certifications & success section. There, you’ll be able to access our Headless Integration Guide for Salesforce Commerce Cloud which explains the functional and technical integration capabilities to get Akeneo PIM to feed your Commerce Cloud instance.

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