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Scale your wholesale & retail business with compelling product experiences

Work with trusted, global retailers to reach your consumers at scale as a first-party (1P) vendor with Akeneo Activation for Retail. Increase conversions and sell more products by delivering high-quality product content that is personalized to meet the requirements of each specific retailer.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for their 1P Activation Requirements

What does it mean to be a First-Party (1P) Vendor?

1P stands for first-party, and represents the wholesale vendor relationship you have with certain channel partners. Amazon is most often associated with the “1P” terminology, but it’s generally understood to mean that the brand acts as a vendor that supplies wholesale products to the retailer for them to sell directly to consumers.

The brand is responsible for providing the required product information – including high-quality images, videos, and technical documentation – and the retailer is largely in control of pricing, shipping, marketing, and more. 

To the consumer, the product appears to be sold by the retailer they trust, which can help elevate their perception of your brand and build loyalty. Examples of popular retailers that buy and resell products wholesale from their network of first-party vendors include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.

Difference between 1P & 3P

As a first-party (1P) vendor, the brand sells a portion of their product catalog wholesale to retailers for them to sell to their customers.  By purchasing these products wholesale, the retailer takes on the inventory risk and responsibility for selling the products to their consumers.

As a third-party (3P) seller, the brand sells their products directly to end consumers on their channel partners website.  This model puts a lot more onus on the brand to own more of the customer experience, often including pricing, inventory, and direct fulfillment.

Given the growth and success of both models, companies such as Amazon are offering both 1P and 3P options for brands.

Akeneo Activation for Retail

When utilized with Akeneo PIM, the powerful and user-friendly Akeneo Activation for Retail solution is proven to fuel exceptional product experiences, decrease time-to-market, and reduce operational inefficiencies of being a first-party vendor selling to multiple retailers. With error reporting that enables a user to read and diagnose missing product information, Akeneo Activation for Retail makes it easy for your team to map PIM source data to any and all retailer requirements.

Benefits & Drawbacks of 1P Activation


  • Easier to sell products in bulk directly to retailer
  • Remove inventory risk
  • Vendor Manager handles growth opportunities & new programs
  • Sell with retailer’s reputation


  • Less control especially over pricing
  • Wholesale model with lower margins and depend on POs from retailer
  • Responsible for advertising at additional cost

How Akeneo Helps with Retail Activation

Manage and enrich core product information in Akeneo PIM and leverage Akeneo’s Asset Manager to build complete product records that can be shared directly with and personalized for each retail partner. 

Transform your product catalog to meet the ever-changing requirements of each retailer with Akeneo Activation for Retail.  Avoid errors and ensure your products are accurate, complete, and optimized to fit the needs of each channel.

Improve time-to-market and increase your market share on major digital retailer platforms by leveraging ready and complete product data in Akeneo PIM to quickly and efficiently syndicate product experiences to each retailer with Akeneo Activation for Retail.

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