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May 04, 2023

Product Information Management 101

Our in-depth guide walks you through how PIM supports a strong product experience offering across all channels, and what to look for in a PIM solution. Download it today!






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Product Information Management

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As commerce continues to shift and change, customers are increasingly demanding innovative and consistent brand experiences wherever they shop. In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer enough to merely list your products across multiple sites; brands and retailers must deliver engaging product experiences with accurate and up-to-date product information everywhere their consumers are. Why?

Product experiences set the foundation for customer experiences. The most critical part of a customer’s experience with your brand is their interactions with your product; if they don’t trust your product, they won’t trust you. 

Product Information Management (PIM) enables organizations to easily and rapidly create and deliver the compelling product experiences needed to drive good customer experiences, reach more markets, improve sales conversion rates, and take advantage of new sales channels. 

In this free, downloadable guide, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of:

  • What exactly PIM is, and how your organization can utilize PIM to create world-class product experiences
  • The intricacies of the product information ecosystem, and how a Product Cloud can simplify your tech stack
  • How PIM can enable organizations to reach new markets and geographies, create seamless customer experiences across all channels, showcase their sustainability efforts, successfully migrate eCommerce platforms, and more
  • What factors your team should consider when looking for the right PIM for your organization
  • The true ROI of PIM, including accelerated time-to-market, reduced returns, and better conversion rates

Download our PIM 101 guide today to jumpstart your journey towards consistent and compelling omnichannel product experiences.

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