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Jul 28, 2022

Keystone for Commerce Infosheet

What is composable commerce and why should we care?







Omnichannel Commerce

Product Experience Management

Also known as headless, composable commerce is a new, modular way of structuring your tech stack to enable companies to offer a more flexible and transparent customer experience. Instead of being limited by the innovation of one generalised tech company like you would with an all-in-one solution, a composable architecture allows you to choose specialised solutions that innovate faster and better in their space. That way, you can find solutions that fit your specific needs in order to quickly meet changing customer demands.    

Grasp the concept of composable commerce

Download our infosheet to learn:

  • What is composable commerce?
  • What prompted composable commerce?
  • How does composable commerce bring flexibility, agility, and control to the customer experience?

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