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Mar 24, 2022

Akeneo 2022 Global B2C Survey: Results Report

Discover the detailed results and insights from over 1,800 respondents from eight countries across 4 continents.




Product Experience Management

Last year, Akeneo set out to find out more about consumer product experiences by surveying more than 3,500 consumers from seven countries on four continents. We wanted to learn how consumers make decisions when buying products, discover what product information they use to make those decisions, and find out more about general B2C product experiences. This year, we repeated the 2021 survey, with some minor amendments to the questionnaire and sample; the total sample size was 1,800 consumers from eight countries (now including Italy), across four continents.

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We discovered that…

  • Online search engines remain the primary way consumers shop for products, both to find advice and to get professional opinions. However, they still trust in-store sales teams as a crucial source of information when making purchases; consumers want an integrated, omnichannel approach to shopping, not just a digital one.
  • ROBO, or “research-online-buy-offline,” remains a common method of shopping amongst consumers.
  • Consumers care about brand values and will often prioritize them when making purchasing decisions.
  • They also value an ‘enhanced shopping experience’ and would demonstrate that by increased brand loyalty and (to a lesser extent) better vfm (value for money) perceptions.

Discover the detailed results and insights from over 1,800 respondents from eight countries across 4 continents and the analysis of the study data when you download Product Experience Satisfaction Around the World.

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