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Apr 28, 2023

Euronics Customer Interview

We sat down with Gabor Ulah, IT Manager at Euronics, during Unlock Paris 2023 to hear about his experience with using Akeneo to centralize, manage, and optimize the entire product record, and enable the Euronics team to expand their digital commerce strategy.





Omnichannel Commerce

Optimized Catalog Management

During Unlock Paris 2023, we sat down with a number of customers and partners to hear their authentic Akeneo stories. Check out what Gabor Olah, IT Manager at Euronics, had to say about:

  • Managing dozens of product information sources and technologies across the entire retail group
  • How Akeneo’s user-friendly nature and community of PX evangelists enabled Euronics to centralize and optimize their entire product record
  • How Euronics managed to adapt to COVID-19 by introducing an eCommerce function that unlocked new markets
  • and more!

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