Project Success Assistance

Akeneo PIM projects are designed to enable marketing and eCommerce departments to easily and efficiently manage a comprehensive set of product information and digital assets in order to deploy accurate product catalogs to websites, eCommerce sites, print catalogs, and other systems. To position your PIM project to deliver maximum business value, Akeneo now includes a Project Success Assistance service with every Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition on premises and cloud subscription.

Delivered by Akeneo in-house specialists, Project Success Assistance is designed to complement the services provided by your implementation partner, who will continue to perform project implementation, project management and go-live of your overall PIM project.

The primary activities are:

Validate Proper Installation of Akeneo PIM

Akeneo will check that the PIM is correctly installed, configured, and working in your environment. Akeneo will also conduct the necessary workshops with your team and implementation partner to validate a proper product structure is in place before you begin enriching product information and spreading it to consuming systems.

Pre-Go-Live PIM Health Check

Akeneo will perform a check-up of your PIM implementation before go-live to ensure that everything has been configured properly and is ready for a successful launch.

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