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Frequently Asked Questions

PIM in your Tech Stack

Sometimes a problem is pretty straightforward. You’re managing product information through a combination of spreadsheets, syndication tools, eCommerce back-ends, and MDM customizations. As a result, no central product catalog exists. Time to market is slow and painful. Ability to expand to new channels is expensive and complicated. Product data is incorrect and incomplete. Information is conflicting from one channel to another. Brand tone is inconsistent across channels and markets. As a result you’re delivering product experiences that frustrate customers. This issue is limiting your growth.

In this case, it may seem obvious that you need a PIM.

Sometimes, however, there are some other challenges in your business in addition to the above that might be clouding decision making to solve your primary PIM problem. Channel teams (marketplaces, ecommerce, print, local market channels, social) have unique needs and are asking for help, pulling product information needs into their overall proposals. Maybe your marketplace team bought a syndication engine that had a tack-on PIM but it’s really a PIM oriented to serve Amazon or other marketplaces (instead of your omni-channel strategy). Perhaps an internal team is pursuing a project to consolidate multi-domain data across the organization and thinks product information should be lumped into this massive project. Assets from different teams are scattered across the organization and someone thinks that by centralizing them, it will solve the product catalog problem. Or even more complicated, your company has a ‘build’ mentality where the typical answer to solving internal challenges like yours is to custom create a solution.

We hear you. These challenges are common. What’s universally true about them all is that if you can help provide clarity of needs among the groups and collaborate on a roadmap and vision for success, then you will hold the keys to unlocking growth.


What to look for in PIM & PXM

When searching for the right PIM for your business needs, it’s best to start with the basics. Here is a starting point:

  • Collect product information:
  • Manage catalogs: a true test of whether a PIM can manage your current and future catalog needs is if it can manage relational data.
  • Empower teams: consider all of the teams who have a part to play in crafting product experiences. Marketing. Channel. Creative. Compliance. Finance. Temp workers. External partners. Curating unique experiences for channels and markets is a team effort. In order to facilitate the highest quality inputs in the fastest amount of time, the PIM should have an easy to use interface with granular governance controls.
  • Design product experiences:
  • Distribute product experiences:
  • Master product data quality:
  • Automate for productivity:
  • Analyze data and gain insights:

The above functionality is best served by a technology that is built uniquely for product information for any and all types of channels (digital or physical), markets and distribution models.
At the end of the day, a PIM is the core part of an overall PXM solution. PXM is the art and science of quickly and efficiently delivering high-quality product information in the right context, adapted to channel and locale.

At the core of a PXM offering should be a PIM. Much like at the core of any customer experience offering should be a CDP or CRM. The PIM enables you create and organize product catalogs, store static and dynamic product information, improve the display and consumption of product information on any of the channels where your products are showcased, easily distribute product information and get feedback on the performance of those displays, all in one central location — and make information about every product interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it.

PXM gives everyone — from marketing, sales, customer service, business development, customer support, legal, compliance or any other line of business — a better way to manage the internal and external facing intersections of products and measure the performance of each of those external interactions.

With visibility and easy access to this complete, single catalog of truth for product information, it’s easier to collaborate, increase productivity and unlock growth. Everyone in your company can see how and where product information has been displayed, what the impact of the experience was on conversions and returns, accelerate time to market for new products, new channels, new markets and so much more. PXM helps companies of all sizes drive business growth.

Akeneo PIM Compared to Competition

PXM Ecosystem: our Open SaaS philosophy is the underlying driver that allows our extensive partner ecosystem to build extensions, connections, become experts on installing Akeneo and sharing best practices. In our ecosystem that’s aimed at supporting your success, you’ll find

  • Marketplace: Akeneo seamlessly integrates into your existing and future tech stack.
  • Community: Over 80,000 downloads of our open source edition, 650 Enterprise and Growth edition customers and over 3,000 members of our active and engaged online community.

Omnichannel: you simply won’t find a solution that has both the depth and breadth of channel support as Akeneo. Our customers leverage Akeneo to serve their customer support representatives, in-store sales people and point-of-sale registers, as well as all of the digital channels like their owned ecommerce store and of course third party marketplaces like Amazon, Target, Kroger, Tmall.

  • Stat on ave number or channels
  • Or other compelling stats

Scale: whether you’ve got 3,000 or 30,000,000 products (yes, that’s 30 million), our Open SaaS offering won’t slow you down.

  • Other scale stats

PIM for all business models: today you might be producing your own products but tomorrow you might open up a marketplace of your own too. We recommend that you select a PIM that meets your needs today, and is flexible enough to grow with you as you open up new business opportunities. We saw it with countless companies during the Covid pandemic who once sold to businesses but saw a growth opportunity to pivot to end consumers and it was Akeneo that enabled their pivot.

PXM Maturity: you’ve got questions about how to get started and how to improve, we’ve got experts and a framework to help you.

PIM for all sizes of businesses??


Productivity: Akeneo customers find immediate improvements in efficiency and speed to market. A typical customer will see STAT after implementing the PIM.

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