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Nov 02, 2021

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New Akeneo Product Release Takes PXM to the Next Level

PIM leader unveils new features and roadmap for continued innovation

PIM leader unveils new features and roadmap for continued innovation

Boston, MA | November 2, 2021 // Product experience management (PXM) leader Akeneo today announced some major new product features and benefits as part of their Autumn Product Release Cycle. Akeneo released over 70 product enhancements this year alone, adding powerful new capabilities to its industry-leading suite of SaaS solutions. The new release includes substantial upgrades to Akeneo PXM Studio, underscoring Akeneo’s commitment to continuous cloud-first and API-centric innovation as part of a well-connected product and partner ecosystem. 


The new release brings a series of key updates to Akeneo’s flagship Akeneo PIM product, including:


  • Table Attributes which give users a simple but compelling way to present complex product information in tables — an ideal approach for use-cases such as product dimensions, packaging information, nutritional information, and product comparisons.
  • Tailored Exports lets users easily customize product data export structure, content, and sources, with customization for different data sharing needs. Thanks to Tailored Exports, manipulating product data in spreadsheets will become a thing of the past, making exporting data and sharing product information easier than ever before.
  • Enhanced user interface, because continuously optimizing the user experience is what makes Akeneo the most powerful product collaboration tool in the market. Users will experience an updated proposal screen, faster category management, enhanced settings navigation, an intuitive activity dashboard, and more.


The new release also brings important updates to Akeneo Shared Catalogs and Akeneo Onboarder, enhancing product data collaboration and synchronization between brands/manufacturers and their retailers, distributors, and suppliers. Users can access all attributes and metrics for shared products, with improved sorting, filtering, and advanced search capabilities, as well as support for additional languages to facilitate global collaboration.


Building on the industry’s most robust and comprehensive partner ecosystem, Akeneo’s Marketplace also gets a major upgrade: now fully embedded in Akeneo PIM, customers can quickly access powerful functionality to easily discover connectors and third-party extensions –– all without leaving the Akeneo PIM dashboard. The new Embedded Marketplace makes it easier than ever for all levels of users to tap into the latest and greatest innovations from Akeneo partners to unleash their PIM productivity without having to toggle between different interfaces.  


Users, prospects and partners can also find out more about Akeneo’s path forward with its new public-facing product roadmap, “What’s Next with Akeneo PIM.” The highly anticipated page featured in Akeneo’s Help Center highlights new and upcoming product features, and gives a taste of innovations currently in development. This enables brands and digital agencies to closely align their product experience initiatives with Akeneo PIM’s exciting new features, so they can make the most of their PXM investments while freeing up precious IT resources. Akeneo is one of the first in the PIM market to bring true transparency to its product evolutions and deliver on its commitment to Open SaaS, trust and collaboration. 


“With this ambitious release, we’re showing Akeneo’s continuing commitment to innovating in the PXM space, and also to being completely transparent about our journey forward as a truly cloud-native Open SaaS solution provider,” said Akeneo CEO Fred de Gombert. “We already have the richest partner ecosystem and most powerful PIM solution on the market, and we’re continuing to redefine the industry and reimagine the possibilities for powerful, partnership-driven PIM solutions.”

About Akeneo

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM), helping businesses to unlock growth opportunities by delivering a consistent and compelling product experience across all channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, points of sale, and beyond. With its open platform, leading PIM, add-ons, connectors, and marketplace, Akeneo PXM Studio dramatically improves product data quality and accuracy, simplifies catalog management, and accelerates the sharing of product information across channels and locales.

Leading global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including Staples Canada, Fossil, Air Liquide, and Myer, trust Akeneo to scale and customize their omnichannel commerce initiatives. Using Akeneo, brands and retailers can improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce time to market, go global, and boost team productivity. More information at

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