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Mar 01, 2024

Akeneo's Co-Founder and CTO, Benoit Jacquemont, Appointed to MACH Alliance C-Suite Advisory Board for 2024

Akeneo Deepens Collaboration with MACH Alliance for Technology Innovation with Additional Appointments to Strategic and Advisory Roles

BOSTON, Feb. 29, 2024 – Akeneo, the Product Experience (PX) Company and leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, today announced the appointment of its Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Jacquemont, to the MACH Alliance C-Suite Advisory Board which promotes creating best-of-breed technology ecosystems in advancing the principles of Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native SaaS, and Headless (MACH) technologies.

Since its inception in 2020, the MACH Alliance has stood as a vendor-neutral body, championing the transition to more agile and composable technology infrastructures. Akeneo’s certification as a MACH Alliance member in 2022 in the capacity of an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) underscored its leadership in PIM and Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions, aligning with the Alliance’s mission to guide companies through their MACH transformation journey.

Jacquemont’s appointment to the Advisory Board aligns with the MACH Alliance’s tradition of embracing industry innovators and leaders to diversify and enrich its governance. He joins the ranks of influential figures such as Amplience’s CEO, Anthony Lye, and NewStore, Inc. President, Richard Berger, reflecting the Alliance’s commitment to inclusive and forward-thinking leadership.

During his tenure, Jacquemont will leverage his technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to further the MACH Alliance’s objectives.

“The opportunity to contribute to the MACH Alliance’s mission at a strategic level is both an honor and a challenge I eagerly accept,” said Jacquemont. “In an era of rapid technological evolution and complex market dynamics, advocating for MACH’s flexible, future-proof architecture is more critical than ever. I am committed to driving the dialogue forward, ensuring businesses worldwide can navigate their digital transformation journeys with confidence.”

Akeneo’s engagement with the MACH Alliance extends beyond Jacquemont’s appointment. Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, currently sits on the Executive Board, Kateri Osborne, Director, Global Integrated Demand, sits on the North America Taskforce and Ronan Guilloux, Global VP Solutions Engineering, is a member of the MACH Admission Panel Committee.

Beyond its member participation, Akeneo has been instrumental in supporting “Women in MACH,” showcasing its commitment to creating an inclusive environment. This dedication was highlighted at the 2023 Unlock Paris conference, where Akeneo featured a MACH block and assembled sponsors for the event. Naragon has been a vocal advocate for women in technology and recently participated in a “Women in MACH goes Retail: 2024 Trends in the Industry” podcast episode hosted by Amanda (Elam) Cole at Bloomreach. The podcast features insights from Isabell Aakervik from Sitoo and Casey Gannon from Bold Commerce, highlighting the importance of female perspectives in shaping the future of tech.

Akeneo’s involvement with the MACH Alliance extends to collaborative efforts with notable companies such as ContentStack, Algolia, and CommerceTools for the “Power of MACH” booth at the upcoming E-commerce expo, with an additional partner to be confirmed soon. This follows Akeneo’s participation in a recent MACH member event in conjunction with NRF that featured Valtech’s insights on “Accelerating Retailtainment” and a MACH Connect webinar on IT trends from a business perspective.

Coming up on April 11 in Düsseldorf, Akeneo is excited to host the “EmpowerHER: Women in Tech” event to celebrate and empower women in the MACH Alliance. Akeneo will then be attending MACH THREE June 17-18 in NYC and hosting a Power of MACH booth at the eCommerce expo in London September 18-19.

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Akeneo is the product experience (PX) company and global leader in Product Information Management (PIM), enabling organizations to build and deliver world-class product experiences across every customer touchpoint through a comprehensive PX Strategy. By providing best-of-breed technology and expertise, Akeneo’s intelligent Product Cloud accelerates growth, reduces time-to-market, and gives organizations the competitive edge needed to convert browsers into buyers.

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